Facebook Sign Up Ad is Everywhere, Things We Can Learn

Posted by Grace under General Info on February 25, 2016

Facebook Sign Up advertisement, are you familiar with it? I have noticed that whenever I am online and browsing other websites and blogs, the Facebook Sign Up ad is always there. Even when the time I am opening my Yahoo email, the Facebook ad is showing.

There are many social websites nowadays, and Facebook is one of the largest and most successful. The Facebook, Inc. have been listed to stock exchange. Actually Facebook stock price increased this year. A huge success. In Investment Total previous articles about Facebook, we discuss about how do Facebook makes money. I hope you followed that article so that you will have an idea why do the company spend money in advertising online.


Facebook Sign Up Ad – Purpose

Maybe the reasons why Facebook have many ads on the web is to catch as many people to register on their site, to make the domain name become more popular and to access accounts easily. The company spend money for the ad campaign, and I think the return on their investment is very “reasonable”.

There are many people mistakenly typed the wrong domain. Instead of www.facebook.com, they might type faceb ook, or they will separate two words, they will use face book. So, if a person wants to log on to facebook account, they might see the ad and press it and go to the right facebook homepage.

Facebook Sign Up Ad is Everywhere, Things We Can Learn

Do Your Friends Search Facebook Sign Up Page or Use the Ad?

Some of my Facebook friends also mistakenly type the wrong URL when they want to log in to their account. I also noticed that if someone will not use the correct URL, they might redirected to malicious sites like porn or gambling sites.

Facebook Sign Up – It’s free and always will be. Are you familiar with the line? I know you already saw this line when you entered www.facebook.com. It is true that it’s free to create a facebook account, the things that are not free is to advertise. However, if you are an internet market and don’t want to put any money on Facebook ads for your online business, you can join different Facebook groups to promote your business.

Facebook Sign Up Form in the Homepage

Here are the things we can learn from the Facebook homepage (actually this was already mentioned in my previous post. But, let me share it again the things we can learn from Facebook homepage.

  • Facebook homepage is very simple.
  • Facebook homepage give users a clues and options on what to do (create an account, create a pag while logged in).

Internet marketer uses facebook but some of them are not copying the strategy of the facebook itself when it comes to catching or getting leads. If you are an internet market,  I know you are familiar with squeeze page. A squeeze page should informed the readers in few seconds and then take action. Take a look at Facebook home page. What have you noticed? It shows the benefits it can give to the users like See photos and updates from friends in News FeedShare what’s new in your life on your Timeline and Find more of what you’re looking for with Facebook Search.

That are things we can learn from Facebook homepage. First it tells the users the benefits of the site, second, it is simple and of course, the sign up options and logged in options are there as their squeeze page. What about you? What can you notice about the Facebook home page? Do you usually use the Facebook sign up page in www.facebook.com or will you first searched the domain on Google search? Did you experience in mistakenly misspelled the word “Facebook?”. Let me know what you think about this post. Share this post with your Facebook friends now.

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