Why Every Success Requires Sacrifices?

Posted by Grace under Money on August 10, 2013

Do you know the reasons why every success requires sacrifices? Learn how to succeed in life. Sacrifices are vital if you want to succeed in life. You will reap the rewards later on if you are willing to take risk and sacrifice. If you want to succeed, you need to sacrifice, you need to plan your goal and take action, there is no short-cut to success, no success overnight.

I do believe successful people suffer many times, failed many times, they encounter fear and hopeless. But these things are requirements to succeed permanently.


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Let us talk about this now, last time I talked about the ways on achieving a goal easily, whether if it is a financial goal, health and family goal and even education goal or life goal.

These are the measurement of success, in my opinion, we have to meet and achieve our goal, how happy we are, how about our house, what kind of car we are driving, are you an employee or you have already a successful business, what kind of lifestyle you have right now, how do you live your life, how do you treat unsuccessful people?

How to Succeed in Life?

We will talk about these things one by one, for our topic is about “success” and sacrifices. Correct me if I am wrong, if you want to become a successful person, you must experience failures first and suffer first before having a permanent success, am I right?

Did You Achieved Your Goal?

Do you have a goal, a goal is very important to succeed, for it is the first measurement of success, how do you know if you are becoming successful in the future if you don’t have any goal to target to achieve. Learn how to set your life’s goal here.

A goal has a date of completion, it might be a year, a months or a decade, that’s why many people says something about their future job or future business, they are saying I want to become an engineer after 5 years, my business should grow in 3 years, I have to acquire $1,000,000 in one year, my target profit for the next month is $12,000. That is what I am talking about, they have a date to follow, an specific things such as amount of money or career or even business etc.

What are Your Assets (Properties)?

Do you have a house, might be your dream house, a luxury car or just your dream car or ordinary car, are you working for other people or you are using people to work for you now, are you helping your boss to make him rich or are you helping your self to make it rich?

At least you are not living with your parents and now you have a decent house at least you are not riding in a taxi because you are have your own car, at least you are no longer an employee and you are your own boss now, at least when you make money it’s all yours, not your boss’s business profits.

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Why Every Success Requires Sacrifices?

You need to sacrifice in order to succeed, you already know the measurements of success which in summary is simply the “total freedom – a time and financial freedom”. How can you achieve these freedom? Learn how to achieve time and financial freedom here before we will talk about sacrifices you will expect to encounter.

You need to follow your plan to achieve your goal whatever happens, in this case, you need not to go with friends if it they go anywhere that is not related to your goal, if they can’t help you to achieve your goal, you need to control your self in shopping and buying the things that you want, latest gadgets, clothes, shoes, you need not to eat with your favorite restaurant, you need not to date your girlfriend often, because you are saving and investing money for the preparation of your future.

Now you know why every success requires sacrifices. Just always remember, it is good to sacrifice or suffer temporarily to achieve your goal and to become successful permanently. May God bless you along the way, bless you happiness and wealth. In my next article, let me tackle the mindset of a millionaire, if you want to become a millionaire, you must read this because it will give you an ideas on how rich people think.

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