EMGOLDEX Reviews 2015 Scam?

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Read this EMGoldex Reviews 2015 scam before you judge or invest your money. Is EMGOLDEX the best way to invest in gold? Is EMGOLDEX scam or not? Awhile ago my friend ask me to join EMGOLDEX, she said for as low as P36,500 I can earn at least P180,000. I said wow! Is that true? I let her forward the details of EMGOLDEX and the ways on how to earn money with it plus the luring testimonies and proof of payments and proof of earnings already made by the EMGOLDEX members.

I don’t want to become judgmental on this. Since EMGOLDEX can give my money a huge ROI Return on Investment, I think twice. I didn’t join since it was not the kind of investment I am looking for. I am happy with the investment offers that can 12% every year or at least those that can beat inflation. The reason why I wrote this article is to give you an insight about how can an investment offers considered as “scam”, “fraud” and “illegal”.


Meaning and Definition of Scam

Scam – take your money away, you never receive any news, updates after you give your money to someone. Scam means not earning money at all.

Illegal – didn’t abide by the law, local laws or universal laws. No documents stating its legal business operations. Illegal act such as laundering, faking, disrespecting human rights, etc.

That’s just how we defined the word “scam” and “illegal” here at InvestmentTotal.com

EMGOLDEX Reviews 2015

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EmGoldex Reviews 2015 Scam or Not?

EMGOLDEX is not a scam since it pays the members when they exit the “table”. It is also not a illegal because it has a “legal documents” presenting the legal to operate or to conduct a business. Be remind, that every countries has a “securities and exchange” government agencies whereas, this agency is the one responsible for every businesses or corporations that are buying and selling (trading) things online and offline.

EMGOLDEX’s business is “gold”, and that’s obvious. Is it illegal? It is not illegal since it has a right to operate its business worldwide. How do I know? Just ask Google, BING it and say YAHOO!

From Europe (Germany,Finland, UK, Italy), North America (USA, Canada), Asia (Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Philippines, Korea) and other part of the world. EMGOLDEX is now trending online as one of the best business opportunities. The question is “should I join”?

Should I Join EMGOLDEX?

It’s up to you if you will join EMGOLEX or not. Just ask yourself, do you have what it takes to take risk? Members can say they get paid but did you asked them until when they will get paid? What if someday, there’s no anymore people joining them? Hmm, what if you will be the last person joined EMGOLDEX. Members say it has a “money back guarantee”, that is if you can’t invite at least 2 people, you can get your money back.

Final Answer: There’s no wrong in joining EMGOLDEX, the sad thing is if you invite people and gave them guarantee to earn that much but it won’t happen, your reputation is in serious “danger”.

Maybe you’ll say, I don’t care about “reputation”, the important is I am making a whooping hundred thousand every month. Is that the right mindset of the truly rich? Think about it.

Risks in Joining EMGOLDEX

Every investment has risks. A wise “referrer” should always have this line when he is inviting someone; “Invest what you can afford to lose”.

But I saw some members are very aggressive in inviting people, is it because they really want to help people to get paid too? No, it is because they (the referrers) want to get paid. They will only exit the so called “table” faster, if they have more invites. At least 7 or 8 in table, I’m not sure.

Final Thoughts:

An investment offers can be a scam or legitimate. Beware, even a legitimate one can turn into scam. It is advisable to know the risk when joining EMGOLDEX, do not blame your upline (the one who invited you to join the program) if in case you didn’t earn money; and the worst – you lose your capital. Be sure to know the business process and the company itself before you accept the investment offers.

There are two things you can discover when you join EMGOLDEX, it’s either you can make money or you can lose money. Let me leave you one of my favorite quotes and saying about taking risks;

“Take risk. If you win, you will become happy. If you lose, you will become wise”.

Disclaimer: If there are business names and registered trademarks mentioned in this page, they are owned by their respective companies. Correct me if I am wrong. I am not an EMGOLDEX member, please do apologize me if this article doesn’t make a complete conclusion about the company.

What’s Your Thought About EmGoldex?

I will highly appreciate your own experience and review about EMGOLDEX reviews 2015 scam or not, do share your thoughts and opinions. Please do not insert “referral link” or do not attack any individual (such as names, company etc). It is an unethical and a crime, FYI only. God bless everyone. Let us all achieve financial success the way we want to achieve it.

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