13 Easy Ways to Save Money and Make it Grow

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on August 18, 2016

Here are the best and easy ways to save money and make it grow. If you find saving money difficult, this tips might be a solution to your problem. There are lot of money experts and they are teaching you about saving money but you found out their advises aren’t effective, that’s why you are still searching for the tips and best advise in saving your hard earned money.

If you have a financial planner or money coach, maybe he already gave you the same advise, therefore, some of the financial tips today that you can learn are common, but you still need to review these money saving tips if you just want to – just for an additional knowledge.


Here in InvestmentTotal, there are guides on personal finances including making cash, money saving tips, investing and the tips to achieve financial freedom. I am glad most of my readers find my financial articles useful. I do hope you will learn a lot from this blog especially the ways on how to save money effectively.

Saving Money Requires Self-Disciplined

If you lack self disciplined, you will never achieve what you want in life. Also, in saving money, you will never achieve your financial goal if you are lack of self-disciplined. If you want to succeed, save money regularly, let’s say every week or every month, it is not the amount that counts, it’s the habit. The important thing is you do not skip even once in your money saving routine.

Why Should You Save Money?

It is important to know the reason why you are saving money, what’s your purpose. When you know the big reason why, you can easily motivate yourself to keep on saving money because you knew if you didn’t save, someone will suffer. Some reasons why should you save money is for your future, for your kids education, for your dream house or car, for your target earning asset during retirement or for business capital you can use when you want to start your own business.

Saving Money is a Habit

Our topic is save money and make it grow, to make it grow you must invest the money. But, you can never succeed in investing if you don’t know how to save. Saving is different from investing, saving means just preserving your money while investing is making your money grow and grow overtime.

It is important to have the habit of saving. Practice makes perfect – the statement is good if it is a sports game, but when it comes to money game, constant practice makes perfect sense. Why does it make perfect sense – it is because saving and investing is the best way to achieve financial freedom. Isn’t it perfect to have a financial freedom?

13 Easy Ways to Save Money and Make it Grow

Now, you know that saving money is important, saving and investing are twins. I will repeat, it is up to you if you follow these tips or not. Here are the best ways (actually practical ways) to save money and make it grow;

Do Not Use Piggy Bank to Save Money
Some people used to save money on piggy bank, although it is the popular “basket” for your  savings when you were a kid, try to not use it if you really want to improve your savings.

Do Not Use Bamboo to Save Money
Do not use bamboo, if you are in the province, your parents taught you to save money in a bamboo. You only have to put coins in there, so, no improvement.

Do Not Use Socks or Handkerchief to Save Money
Funny thing, some people use socks or handkerchief when saving money, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you really want to improve your money saving habit, try the other alternatives.

Do Not Put Your Savings Under Your Pillow
I wish your money under your pillow will turn into millions when you awake, but it is impossible unless you have a genie wherein he always say “your wish is my command”.

Do Not Use Cash Card
It is hard to save money when you use cash card, think about this, when you’re walking in the mall and you found new items that match your taste (example: clothes, watch or eyewear,or even a new recipe in your favorite fast food chain), you only have to use your cash card, especially when there is a ATM machine near on the store.

Do Not Lend Your Savings to Anyone
When your relatives know that you have savings, there is a possibility that they will borrow your money, since they are relative, of course, you can never say NO, try to lend your money with your relatives and promise you to pay after a week, and when your relative can’t return your money, what would you feel? Are you happy or disappointed?

It is funny that you can never shout or complain in front of them because they will only replied – it’s just money, where is your love! Try to let them read this topic: Money or Love?

How can you save money effectively without using a piggy bank, a sock or handkerchief, a bamboo and a cash card? Simple, continue reading to learn more.

Pay Yourself First if You Want to Save Money Effectively

You have to pay yourself first, it means you have to save and invest for your future before paying your household bills, before buying your needs and wants. It is required if you want to make your savings and investing successful, you should need to learn how to manage your finances especially when your receive your salary or business profits (monthly income).

As a Guide: Pay Yourself First and the guide on how to manage money properly?

Savings Account with High Maintaining Balance
It is good to save money in the bank, open a savings account preferably a savings account with a passbook and ATM with high maintaining balance, why? You will never touch the money or if it is necessary you may withdraw your savings, because you are afraid to pay a charge fees when your savings account didn’t maintain the required minimum balance.

In my experience, I opened a savings account with high maintaining balance with passbook and ATM but I destroyed the ATM card. Why should I save money every month in my savings account if I will only use the money using the ATM card every month? I think that’s ironic. Got it?

Open an Automatic Investment Account

When you have your saving account, try to open a trust investment with the bank where you opened a saving account. Go for automatic, there are bank that offer it using their easy investment plan for their UITF’s (unit investment trust funds).

When you have set up the automatic investment in the bank, you only have to deposit money every month and the bank will automatically invest your savings in your trust investment account.

Use Available Automatic Investment

If you are not familiar in investing, kindly read InvestmentTotal.com guide about the different types of investments, after you have read the topic. You can now proceed how automatic investing works?

As you have noticed, I am not teaching you on not just to save money, because saving can’t help you make your money grow and even can’t help you increase the purchasing power of your money, but investing is. Investing is the best way to achieve financial freedom, however, investing involves risk.

But, in taking risk, there is a great reward. It is up to you if you just park your money in your piggy bank, bamboo, handkerchief or under your pillow, but you will never make your money grow if you save money that way.

Learn Financial Education Everyday

Keep on visiting InvestmentTotal, in my next topic I will write some tips about how to save money every month, save money in your electric bills, water bills and different ways to save money as a parent for your kid’s education, save money as a teenager or even a student. So, stay tuned, thank you!

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