How to Earn Cash Online?

Posted by Grace under Business on June 10, 2016

Want to earn cash online? Here are the lists of ways to earn cash on the internet and the good news is that you can do this task in the comfort of your home and get paid via PayPal or other online payment processors. Many people are asking or searching nowadays how to really earn money online. This guide might not be the best but I can assure you you will have a basic knowledge and ideas on how to make money on the internet.

Things Needed

Since this is an online business, you need a mobile phone, internet connection, email address and laptop or computer desktop.  Also it may become needed to have a credit card or debit card once you create an online payment processors.


Payment processors like PayPal, Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay or PayZa are the tools to receive your earnings online. But you need to convert your funds in your online payment processors into real. You will only receive your online currency (fund) in your online payment processors if you will verify your account using debit card or credit card.

How to Earn Cash Online?

1. Join the Money Making Websites

There are list of websites that you can start making money online. Join them but be careful of other websites because they are just scam (not legitimate).

When joining money making websites, you are required to give your online payment processors email address or username (don’t give your password). So that when you earned cash, the website or the program will transfer your earnings in your online payment processors.

2. Do Your Work or Simple Task

Earning cash online is also like a traditional jobs wherein the “no work no pay” applies. You will only get paid according to the task or services you provide. Say for example, if you choose to work as an article writer, then if you did not wrote an article for your clients, don’t expect to get paid.

There is the exemption to the step 2. Some money making websites don’t required us to do a job or task. Some money making programs just wants us to invest money online and get the profits after a week or a month. I am talking a bout “high yield investment programs”. HYIPs should be avoided if you are looking for a sure way to earn cash online.

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Ways to Earn Cash Online

Choose one these ways to earn money online. There are easy jobs but most of these task are hard to do. Anyway, in reality there are no easy jobs.

  • Article Writing
  • Get Paid to View Videos
  • Get Paid to Sign Up
  • Earn Cash Online Through Investing in HYIP
  • Make Money Online Blogging
  • Earn Cash Online via YouTube
  • Make Money Online Selling Your Stuff
  • Earn Money Online as an Affiliate Marketer
  • Be a Virtual Assistant
  • Get Paid by Taking Surveys
  • Get Paid by Typing Jobs
  • Earn Cash Online by Teaching English Online

Tips and Warnings

  • Identify the legitimate money making programs or offers online.
  • Do make a research and make further investigation about the money making website if it is paying or just another “scam”. Otherwise, you will only waste your time and effort and not get paid for what you did online.
  • Always look for proof of earnings or proof of income but don’t get lure to big “earnings” made by other members.
  • If the money making websites are requiring investments, do invest only what you can afford to lose. If you invests, make sure you will get your capital as quickly as you can by requesting a withdrawal of your earnings.

If you have any ideas on how to earn cash online, please feel free to share them in the comment box below. Thank you and good luck to your online business endeavors.

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