Earn BitCoin (BTC) Online in Several Ways (Daily Investing Tips)

Posted by Grace under Investing on October 17, 2017

Earn BitCoin online today using these tips in InvestmentTotal.com – a daily investing tips for traders and investors. You can earn BitCoin in many ways. But the tips written in this page was the proven on how to make BitCoin. Having a BitCoin is equivalent to having a precious gold. Not just small grams of gold but maybe a lot bigger. BitCoin is getting popular among the many cryptocurrencies. Maybe you are interested to earn BitCoin today because you heard the news about it. BitCoin price will somehow increase like a rocket. From cents to four thousand dollars (as of today) and maybe the BitCoin price will soon become $10,000 or even one million dollar per BitCoin.

What is a BitCoin and why it is important to earn BTC? According to Wikipedia (our favorite online dictionary), BitCoin was defined as…


“a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.”

Therefore, it is a digital currency. It can increase value or even lose value. BTC according to WikiPedia again, “bitcoin has become a hot commodity among speculators”. A hot commodity among “speculators” not “investors”. So if you want to earn BTC, make sure you know what you’re doing. Should you invest or trade BitCoin.

What are the things required to earn BitCoin?

Of course, the BitCoin wallet (BTC wallet), if you are in USA, you can use CoinBase, if you are in the Philippines you can use Coins.Ph (the BitCoin wallet I am currently using). You can also use BlockChain.Info wherever you are residing at right now.

If you have already BitCoin wallet, let us start to learn how to really earn BitCoin (BTC) and how can we use them or turn BTC BitCoin into real cash (dollars, euro, peso, etc.)

Here’s what BitCoin Wallet Address Looks Like

You can use your BTC wallet address in receiving BitCoin from your online investments or for other people as a payment for your products or services. Here is my BTC wallet address in case you want to donate BitCoin

InvestmentTotal.com BTC Wallet Address: 358CCcR6FwoxgHWTZ3FdxqQ9B32cvm3ypd

Earn BitCoin (BTC) Online in Several Ways

1. Join Online Investment Programs that Accepts BitCoin

My favorite way to earn BitCoin is online investment. I will look for legitimate online investment and will find out if the program or company is accepting BitCoin as a payment for account’s funds or deposits. I tried online investments one month ago, I invest $400 and I am earning 1 percent per day.

The program is paying me dollars but it will deposit the dollars by converting first the US Dollars to BitCoin and then after converted, the company will then send BTC to my BTC wallet address. Learn how to invest in BitCoin today.

2. Trade BitCoin

You can trade BitCoin using your currency. There are different ways to trade BitCoin. The first one is using your BTC wallet, fund your account and convert them into BitCoin (BTC). Do not convert your dollar when the BTC price is high. Convert when the BitCoin price is low. So that you can have as many BitCoin as you can. Sell the BTC if you think you’re in profit.

Example: If you buy 1 BitCoin for $4,200 and after few weeks the BTC price become $4,350,then you will make $150 if you will sell your BitCoin. (charges and fees in the calculation is not included). Be watchful on the BitCoin exchange rate (BitCoin to US Dollars).

Study this process on how to earn BitCoin using your bank account/debit card/credit card and online wallet that has BTC wallet. Find out how to buy BitCoin using Credit Card and CoinBase now.

3. Play Games but Avoid Gambling Sites

Other online games has a BitCoin reward, but be careful not to join gamble sites because they are complete waste of time and usually they are scam sites.

4. Sell Products or Services and Get Paid using BitCoin

If you think the price of BitCoin will increase overtime, then it’s worth accepting BitCoin as your payment options. Also, it is advisable to convert immediately your BTC (from BitCoin to your local currency) if you want to encash your gross sales.

5. Cryptocurrency BitCoin BTC Mining

You need investment and technical skills if you want to mine BitCoin. But BitCoin mining is very profitable. Other people minde BitCoin by buying hardwares and softwares and some BitCoin miners are using online programs to mine BTC.

Summary on How to Earn BitCoin

  • In order for you to earn BitCoin, you must have BTC wallet address because your earnings or profits will send there by the companies/programs you joined.
  • Then you can join online investment programs that accept BitCoin. You can also trade bitCoin to local currency but be watchful to the price of BitCoin.
  • if you want to earn BitCoin, play games that give BitCoin rewards or just accept BitCoin as your payment options when you sell products and services online.

Tips and Warnings

  • USe legitimate and with high quality service companies that offer online wallet. And also be watchful to the charges and fees of your online wallet, otherwise your BitCoin earnings will only go to fees and charges.
  • Scam online investment sites and programs are too many. be wise and smart to know and spot the scam and the legitimate.
  • If you want to earn BitCoin, you must also join BitCoin community users in facebook, forum sites and read blogs like Investment Total.com. Members of BitCoin community are sharing different ways on how to earn BitCoin and they make review of the different and latest online investment program and tell other members whether the site is a scam or paying.
  • Protect your BitCoin wallet, do not give your password to anyone. Use two authenticator and strong password. Also, it is advisable to change your password from time to time.

After few month of experience in earning BitCoin, I found out that the best way to earn BitCoin is through online investing and cryptocurrency trading.

So, do you know other ways on how to earn BitCoin? Join the BitCoin community and leave a comment below. If you know legitimate sites that pays BitCoin, share them in the comment box below.

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