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Looking for the Dow Jones stock prices today? Want to know the 30 companies in Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)? The stock price will be appeared in this page, together with dow 30 companies such as IBM, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Microsoft, Etc. Investing can help you achieve financial freedom and prosperity, if it’s done properly.

The best way to get rich is to invest in the stock market. Some people think that the stock market game is only for the rich. I mean “game”, because stock market investing is one of the money game you can play to get rich. Stock market investors tend to invest money to study stock market investing or hire stock experts to invest money for them.


Hiring an stock experts to invest for you is also one form of “leveraging”, if you are not familiar with stock market investing, you can use other people’s skills and talents. Investing in the stock market required knowledge, skills and expertise to minimize the risk and avoid losing investment capital.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Companies

Save this Dow Jones 30 companies per sector and industry so you may have reference if you want to add other stocks in your portfolio. One great way to diversify in stock investing is to not focus on a single sector or industry. You can consider investing with the “blue chip stocks”. And most of the 30 dow companies are “blue chip stocks”.

Some stocks experts says, a healthy stocks portfolio might have at least 3 to 5 different companies stocks with different sector and industry.

Example: If you have stocks under pharmaceutical industry, you should also stocks under transportation or telecommunications. So that when one industry in the market isn’t good, you still have chances to gain profits because of your stocks in the other industry. Here I compile the 30 dow jones industrial average companies per sector and industry.

Ways to Find the Dow Jones Index Today

If you want to find current Dow Jones stock prices, do the following. Go to other reputable financial websites such as CNN Money, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance etc and type the stock ticker or stock symbol of your chosen companies or stocks.

Example: Dow Jones Industrial Average: DJIA, McDonalds: MCD, IBM, etc.

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Companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

1. Company: 3M Co
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: MMM
  • Sector/Industry: Producer Manufacturing/Industrial Conglomerates
2. Company: American Express Co
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: AXP
  • Sector/Industry: Finance/Financial Conglomerates
3. Company: AT&T; Inc
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: T
  • Sector/Industry: Communications / Major Telecommunications
4. Company: Boeing Co
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: BA
  • Sector/Industry: Electronic Technology/Aerospace & Defense
5. Company: Caterpillar Inc
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: CAT
  • Sector/Industry: Producer Manufacturing/Trucks,Construction,Farm Machinery
6. Company: Chevron Corp
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: CVX
  • Sector/Industry: Energy Minerals/Intergrated Oil
7. Company: E I du Pont de Nemours and Co
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: DD
  • Sector/Industry: Process Industries/Chemicals: Major Diversified
8. Company: General Electric Co
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: GE
  • Sector/Industry: Producer Manufacturing/Industrial Conglomerates
9. Company: Exxon Mobil Corp
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: XOM
  • Sector/Industry: Energy Minerals/Integrated Oil
10. Company: Cisco Systems Inc
  • NASDAQ Stock Ticker: CSCO
  • Sector/Industry: Electronic Technology/Computer Communications
11. Company: Goldman Sachs Group Inc
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: GS
  • Sector/Industry: Finance/nvestment Banks,Brokers
12. Company: Home Depot Inc
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: HD
  • Sector/Industry: Retail Trade/Home Improvement Chains
13. Company: International Business Machines Corp
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: IBM
  • Sector/Industry: Technology Services/Information Technology Services
14. Company: Johnson & Johnson
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: JNJ
  • Sector/Industry: Health Technology/Pharmaceuticals
15. Company: Intel Corp
  • NASDAQ Stock Ticker: INTC
  • Sector/Industry: Electronic Technology/Semiconductors
16. Company: JPMorgan Chase and Co 
  • Stock Ticker: JPM
  • Sector/Industry: Finance / Financial Conglomerates
17. Company: McDonald’s Corp 
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: MCD
  • Sector/Industry: Consumer Services/Restaurants
18. Company: Merck & Co Inc
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: MRK
  • Sector/Industry: Health Technology/Major Pharmaceuticals
19. Company: Microsoft Corp 
  • NASDAQ Stock Ticker: MSFT
  • Sector/Industry: Technology Services/Packaged Software
20. Company: Nike Inc
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: NKE
  • Sector/Industry: Consumer Non-Durables/Apparel,Footwear
21. Company: Pfizer Inc 
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: PFE
  • Sector/Industry: Health Technology/Major Pharmaceuticals
22. Company: Procter & Gamble Co
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: PG
  • Sector/Industry: Consumer Non-Durables/Household,Personal Care
23. Company: The Coca-Cola Co 
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: KO
  • Sector/Industry: Consumer Non-Durables/Non-Alcoholic Beverages
24. Company: Travelers Companies Inc 
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: TRV
  • Sector/Industry: Finance/Property, Casualty Insurance
25. Company: UnitedHealth Group Inc 
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: UNH
  • Sector/Industry: Health Services/Managed Health Care
26. Company: Verizon Communications Inc 
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: VZ
  • Sector/Industry: Communications/Major Telecommunications
27. Company: Visa Inc
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: V
  • Sector/Industry: Finance/Finance,Rental,Leasing
28. Company: United Technologies Corp 
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: UTX
  • Sector/Industry: Producer Manufacturing/Industrial Conglomerates
29. Company: Wal-Mart Stores Inc
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: WMT
  • Sector/Industry: Retail Trade/Discount Stores
30. Company: Walt Disney Co 
  • NYSE Stock Ticker: DIS
  • Sector/Industry: Consumer Services/Media Conglomerates

Find Dow Jones Stock Prices and Performance

Dow Jones stock market today, now you can see the stock price of 30 companies in Dow Jones Industrial Average

Disclaimer: Business names, company logos and business trademarks are owned by their respective companies. The data found in this page might not be accurate. These are for information purpose only.

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