Double Your BitCoin Warning: 5 Scammers’ Tricks in Facebook Offers

Posted by Grace under Investing on October 17, 2017

You can double your BitCoin in legitimate way. Know the scammers tricks in Facebook so you can never become a victim of scams and frauds online especially when you joined different Facebook groups related to cryptocurrencies trading and investing and saying that it will double your BitCoin

BitCoin is the most popular cryptocurrencies nowadays, that’s why many scammers are taking advantage to all those people who already earned BitCoins. They will do everything to make someone believe they are legitimate trader or investor that has legitimate or paying online investments programs.


I have been scammed many times, but since I am just trying the online investment programs, I will try them in few dollars. And here are the things I noticed about scammers. They will make the victim believe they will double their BitCoin by trading cryptocurrencies.

5 Scammers’ Tricks in Facebook Offering to Double Your BitCoin

1. Posting fake Proof Earnings

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I have seen many times those proof of earnings in Facebook whereas the poster have earned 5 BTC, and wow! Same fake proof of earnings from BTC wallet address provider screen shots.

Tip: Do not be lured to proof of payments unless you personally know the person. He will never lie to you in showing real proof of income in trading and investing cryptocurrencies.He will tell you personally and teach you on how to double your bitcoin.

2. Chatting with You and Sounds like a Pro

What if someone send you a message after you became so curious in many trading and investment offers in the Facebook groups? Someone will send you a message as if he is a professional trader.

Tip: A professional trader who really helps you to double your bitcoin and makes serious money don’t even bother to send his referral link. How come wants you to sign up using their affiliate links.

3. Using American Names

One popular scammers tricks is that they use American names, I encountered many people who’s name are American names. This will make the victim to become more comfortable and a trick that they will sound like a legitimate trader and investor.

Tip: At the end, scammers wants you to connect with him via email. Silly! Why not use Facebook. Here is one of the popular scammers tricks in email;

your $550 minimum startup can won you a daily profit of $1150 daily, $6900 weekly, more monthly with my strategy while you are obligated to pay up a 20% service fee on all profit won in your account after your withdrawal. While with $1000 minimum startup you can won a daily profit of $2150 daily, using a good strategy and experience while you are also obligated to pay up 20% service fee after withdrawal. You see your dreams of making a thousand dollar daily will come to pass if you invest with our actual minimum or maybe something a bit lower. It $100

This is one of the conversation I got from the scammer.

5 Scammers' Tricks in Facebook Offering to Double Your BitCoin

4. Fake Pictures but Lots of Proof of Earnings in Timeline

What about fake pictures? yes, scammers do usually have one fake profile pictures and what’s on their timeline is fake proof of income. As a tip, before you believe to the people who send you message via messenger, view his profile and hs timeline. Scammers usually have one picture and the rest are fake proof of income.

5. SSL Website and BTC Doubler Offers

It is easy to buy SSL certificate for domain name, I am a blogger and website developer, look at in the URL, it only says and not it only cost $1 or few every year for SSL certificate. SSL can help the website to become more professional and trusted by users.

Second, a scammer will send you their affiliate link where in fact it is not an affiliate link, it is their own website whereas if you will deposit funds using BTC wallet address, that BTC wallet address are usually owned by the one who refer you the bitcoin doubler program

Oh come on guys, you should learned to this experience and be wise enough. BTC is not a real money but can turn into real cash. You can really double your BitCoin, but not in few hours or minutes, unless you spotted the legitimate trading broker and win many trades. So protect your BTC BitCoin whenever someone send you a trading and investing offers. Make this page as a reminder for you not to get scammed especially when someone offers you a investing and trading programs that will double your bitcoin.

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