Does Bill Gates Have Health and Life Insurance?

Posted by Grace under Insurance on February 22, 2015

I just saw this question at insurance forums. A member is curiously asking “Does Bill gates have health and life insurance insurance policy?”. That’s why I wrote an article about life insurance today. Bill Gates is the most wealthiest man in the world. He is the founder and CEO of Microsoft. In investing, health and life insurance is very important. Actually, it is one of the first things to prepare before investing your hard earned money. And insurance can also help you minimize the risk especially financial risks.

Bill Gates Net Worth

So, you want to know much is Bill Gates worth? According to, Bill Gates net worth is 79.4 Billion Dollars and he is one of the highest net worth individuals. Net Worth as of February 26, 2015


Purpose of Insurance

Insurance is income protection. Insurance can help you from possible financial losses when unexpected events occurs such as disability, illness and even death.

Now, let us answer the question. Do you think Bill Gates, the richest man in the world have health and life insurance? I think he has!

For clarification, rich men are wise enough to protect their wealth. They are willing to do even paying huge amount of money just to get insured. Rich became rich because of investing. And in personal finance, insurance can also considered as an investment.

Does Bill Gates Have Health and Life Insurance?

On the other hand, maybe Bill Gates don’t need any health insurance or life insurance. Why? He has a lot of money, whereas, this money can be use when unexpected events occurs. Besides, his wealth is enough to buy the best hospital in the world and to pay the best doctor in the world to take care of his health.

But Bill Gates is wise enough, he won’t pay for the hospital bills for whatsoever reasons. he will surely get insurance so that if “unexpected happens”, someone will pay the cost.

What do you think? Does Bill Gates have health and life insurance policy? If you want to ask Bill Gates personally, you may go to Microsoft office. Share your opinion in the comment box. Thank you!

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One comment on “Does Bill Gates Have Health and Life Insurance?

  1. Vman says:

    It would be pointless for Bill Gates to purchase insurance. He has enough money to buy an entire health insurance company and still be the richest man walking the earth today. Insurance is not an investment it is something you are paying into for when the time comes it is there to help you. If you had enough discipline you could do this on your own and most likely be fine the rest of your life. (depending on the person) Bill gates has insurance its called his savings account! It would be a very poor investment decision to make for Bill Gates. Most likely a insurance company came up with this article. Bill Gates is self insured in every meaning of the word insured, car, health, life, flood, tornado, end of the world insurance, and any other insurance offered he is already covered.

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