DHL Global Mail Online Scam: DHL Package Worth $15.8Million USD

Posted by Grace under Scams and Frauds on March 19, 2017

DHL global mail received through email message telling me to get my package worth more than fifteen million United States dollars. This DHL global mail is one of the hottest scam circulating around the web today. So beware. Here is the email message I received related to DHL global mail from the sender Mrs. Anne Yayi using her email address

DHL, just like the other email message about scams. The scammers always used the company name DHL to make the people easily believe to the content of email messages. The scammers are getting a lot of victims since the mail was sent online.


I think this DHL global mail will surely victimized more people because it can easily get the attention of many readers with a subject “Dear Customer”. I know few things about DHL,  when I send documents in United States, it was sent successfully. DHL is a trusted courier company. So why Anne Yayi (the sender of this email message) is trying to do? Read her email message first.

DHL Global Mail Scam Report: Package Worth $15.8Million USD

DHL Global Mail Online Scam

Conclusion to DHL Global Mail Online Scam

Why should I send money to Michael Onuorah (the receiver). The instructions is very clear. The receiver is clearly mentioned his name (not Anne Yayi but Michael Onuorah. He wants me to deposit one hundred fifty dollars via MoneyGram.

After I deposit money to MoneyGram and after he got the money, what else he can do? Nothing. Now the question is “where is the package worth more than fifteen million dollars? There is nothing you can do about it because it’s not real. I hope when you received the same email (DHL Global Mail online scam)

I hope DHL will catch the scammers. I am sure DHL are aware of this scam. DHL are used by many scammers telling many people to send money to them. What about you? What have you noticed about this DHL global mail online scam? Share this scam report with your friends. Always visit Daily Investing Tips for more scams and fraud report. Let’s watch the scammers and protect the beginner investors and innocent people online.

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