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Posted by Grace under General Info on August 10, 2015

Some bloggers want to delete uncategorized in WordPress, my advice is you shouldn’t. Find the reasons why I will not delete this category. In default settings of WordPress, if you writing an article, the first thing to do is to look for the categories and find which category is fitted to your subject matter. In this blog, there are 25 categories, and one of this is the “uncategorized”.

When using WordPress, you need to study the proper using of tags and categories. These two can help you organize your topics. However, if they are not properly used (say misused or abused), tags and categories can only ruin your WordPress blog.


Example: This blog is about investing. But, I have knowledge in health. I am also interested in politics. I want to share my personal point of views about family, parenting and relationship.

What I did is I create a categories that I think my topics are suitable. Example, this topic is about “deleting uncategorized category in WordPress”, I filed it under “internet”, “uncategorized” and tagged as “WordPress Customization Help”.

Reasons Why I Don’t Delete Uncategorized

  1. When I forget to insert or choose categories, the uncategorized can do the work itself.
  2. When I think I wrote something that is not appropriate, I used this category.
  3. I just like it.

To find categories used in your WordPress;

  1. Visit your WordPress admin area or dashboard.
  2. Press on “Post”
  3. Find “Categories” (you have other options like tags, add new or all post).
  4. And then select categoris you want to edit or delete.

Note: I found no other way to delete “Uncategorized” category in WordPress. However, you can visit Flight Media for simple tutorials.

What about you? Do you find this category useful in your WordPress blog? Will you delete the uncategorized or keep it as it is? Please share your opinion in the comment box below. Thank you!

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