Why Debit Card Can Be Better than Cash?

Posted by Grace under Credit Card, Personal Finance on March 11, 2017

Debit card is simply amazing. One of the safest way to bring your cash while your shopping is through debit card. In personal finance, budgeting and over spending should emphasize clearly. Believe me, if you will use debit card, you can follow your budget carefully.

I use debit card when I purchase items online. My BDO Debit card helps me to just spend enough money. I just deposit funds to my bank account, and use those funds when buying items online or when I go shopping in the SM Department Store or Supermarket.


The reasons why debit card are better than cash is because cash can be attempting. You will get into “impulsive buying”. In debit card, all you need is to just spend the balance and that’s it. You can avoid overspending.

Why Debit Card Can Be Better than Cash?

Debit card in my case is very useful and helpful. Since I am a blogger and I used to shop conveniently online like Lazada, I use my debit card. One is BDO debit card and the other is Unionbank EON debit card. They’re not credit card, a big difference!

Use Debit Card for Online Shopping

I just bought my automatic watch from Lazada, a basketball ball and a smartphone. The best thing in online shopping is that I can use PayPal funds and my debit cards as long as there is a logo of Mastercard and Visa. Aside from that advantage, I can also save a lot of money since there are lots of discounts to be given away by Lazada or the merchants.

Protect Your Cash from Thieves

If I were you, try to use debit card. Apply for BDO debit card or any debit card offered by your preferred bank. If you will bring cash in the store, there might be a risk on that. Other people might caught you bringing a lot of cash and they will have an intention to do evil things. I am talking about theft. You can’t blame the thief when they stole your cash, blame yourself because you bring cash not a debit card. Even if the thief stole your wallet, they just get nothing because they can never use those credit cards or debit cards.

Receive Payments from Debit Card

If you are a business owner, virtual assistant or you sell products and services, just give your account number to your client and you will receive their payments. Many banks allows us to check the balance of our debit card and bank account through online banking facility. You can also link your debit card to your PayPal account easily and transfer your PayPal funds to your debit card and use the funds for purchasing products and services online or to any store that accept debit card payments.

Got my point? See the disadvantages of debit card? Should you bring cash when you shop or just take your debit card with you? Leave a comment below. Stay tuned to Daily Investing Tips | www.InvestmentTotal.com for more personal finance, investing and money hacks. Share this page with your friends especially those who love to bring lot of cash when they shop.

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