Blogging Tips: Create a Good Headlines in 59.7 Seconds that Grab Attention

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How to create a good headlines if you don’t know what your post title will be? Creating a better headlines should not be taken for granted. When making headlines to your blog post, you should think whether your title will catch the attention of other people. If you create headlines wherein you will only be the one to appreciate it, your blog post will not attract more readers. Believe it or not, a simple tweak in your headlines can help your blog generate more visitors.

There are many bloggers today knows about the benefits of having a good blog post title. Many professional bloggers are using different types of headlines. Some headlines are boring, some post titles are catchy and some are “plain and simple”.


This post is also applicable to magazines, TV news and newspapers. People will read your content or watch your news if you have a better headlines.

What is a Headline Anyway?

A headline or the post title is the basis on what the content is all about. If the headline is “37 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Beginners”, then the content is about search engine optimization.

Hint: Make your blog post title or headlines justify your content or the content should justify your headline.

I entitled this blog post as “how to create a better headlines in 59.7 seconds”. Therefore, this blog should teach you how to make a better post title in less than a minute.

How to Create a Good Headlines in 59.7 Seconds?

Here is the step by step guide on how to create a better headlines;

Step 1. Know Your Focus Keyword. Will you use long tail keywords or a broad keyword. If your seed keyword is “blogging”, your broad keyword is “blogging tips” and your long tail keywords maybe “blogging tips for beginners” or “effective blogging tips for newbie blogger”.

Example Focus Keyword: Better Headlines, Best Headlines, Good Headlines, Worst Headlines

Step 2. Insert Your Focus Keyword. I am not talking about where to insert your focus keyword in your blog post. I know you are familiar with H1, H2, H3, bold, italics, underlined. Where should you insert your focus keyword in your headlines? Should you insert your focus keyword in the beginning, middle or in the last words of your headlines?

I will highlight the focus keywords (better headlines) in the headlines in these examples as a guide;

Beginning: Good Headlines – Are they Useful?
Middle: 13 Tips in Creating a Better Headlines to Attract Readers
Last: How Do ProBloggers Create a Better Headlines?

Step 3. Insert Numbers and Adjectives. People will become more interested if the saw numbers in your headlines. If they are interested in numbers, they will also become more interested to read your blog post if you insert adjectives into your headlines.

Hints: Insert numbers, I choose odd numbers in most of my headlines. Use 1,3,5,7,9 even though your post consist of two digits lists. Use 13, 57, 79, 93, 31, 35, 59, 71, etc. Just combine the odd numbers when you want to create a blog post that has a “lists” on it.

Other Hints: We all know that adjectives are words that describe a noun or pronoun. How do you describe your lists or content? If you insert “amazing your headlines” make sure your blog post is really amazing. As I have said awhile ago, your headlines should justify your content, and vice versa.

Most Adjectives I Always Read on other Blog/Website Headlines

There are many adjectives you can use to insert in your headlines. Be reminded that not all adjectives can help your post title attract more readers.

Example of Good Headlines with Numbers and Adjectives in it

13 Useful Tips in Creating a Better Headlines
37 Bright Blogging Ideas for Aspiring Blogger
13,579 Interesting Facts About Life
37 Cute Newly Born Babies in San Diego, USA
75 Amazing Gadgets to Help You Become More Productive
97,531 Inspirational Quotes About Money
3 Effective Investing Lessons You Should Know from Successful Investors like Warren Buffett

The last example, what have you noticed? It is a very long headline that consist 13 words. Limit your headlines to 5 words.

Blogging Tips in Creating a Good Headlines when Writing a Blog Posts Articles

Image by Thomas Leuthard via Flickr CC 2.0

Step 4. Include Curiosity. Make everyone curious what your blog post is all about. How to make your readers curious? By asking them to visit your blog post.

13 Bright Blogging Ideas You Should Not Miss
35 Awesome Business Tips to Adapt Now Before Your Competitors Do
13 Funny Facts You Don’t Know About You and Your Blog
15 Amazing Headlines You Should Try in Your Blog

The step from number 1 to step number 4 are applicable to newspaper and magazine writers. If you are a blogger, proceed to step 5.

Step 5. Make Your Headlines SEO Friendly. From step 1 to step 4. Did I mentioned search engine optimization?

Hmm, I know you are familiar with SEO. Do you know that other bloggers are creating headlines that are very SEO friendly. Don’t get me wrong. Even though you have the best content in there, but your blog post title is not as interesting as your content, few people will only read it.

Take for example, why are you reading this post? It is because I promise you that in 59.7 seconds, you can create better headlines.

How to make your headlines SEO friendly? If you are using a SEO Plugin like YOAST SEO, then this will become easy to do. For me, creating a better headline is enough to make it a SEO friendly. As I have said, do not forget to mention your focus keyword in your headlines.

Do you think a title like “13 Bright Blogging Ideas You Should Not Miss
“ is a SEO friendly headline? For me yes, it is because it is not too long nor too short, second, the focus keyword (blogging ideas) are in the headlines.

Now, can you hit 2 birds in one stone? You can insert two focus keywords in your headlines.

Example Keywords to Insert: Blogging Ideas, Successful Blogger
Headline: 37 Bright Blogging Ideas for “Wanne be” a Successful Blogger

Example Keywords to Insert: Better Headlines, Creative Writing
Headline: 79 Examples of Better Headlines to Model in Creative Writing

A Summary in Creating a Good Headlines

If I will summarize the step above, here it is. When creating a better headlines, you should know your focus keywords, insert your keywords in your headlines, do not forget to insert numbers and adjectives. It is also advisable to include curiousity in your headlines. Just make other people curious. This will help you let the other people think what your content is all about. Of course, when other people are curious, they will visit your post and see what if the headlines is true or not.

And lastly, do not forget SEO or search engine optimization. Try to have a minimum of 5 words in your headlines. Use YOAST SEO plugin to detect how your headlines look like in the search engine results page.

Creating a Better Headlines, Writing Article, Keyword Research, Advance SEO are Different Story

Maybe you asked, this content don’t justify the headline. Hmm, how can I create a better headlines in 59.7 seconds if I will think “focus keywords”.

Searching and researching a keyword is another process. Aside from keyword research, you should also take time to optimize your post. Keyword research takes 30 minutes, 59.7 seconds to create a good headlines but it takes 2-5 hours to write e better post. See the difference?

A better headlines has only few words and a better post has a 1,000 words to 10,000 words in it. See the difference again? Now you know, keyword research, creating a good headlines and writing a better post has different procedures. Let me share to you in my next article about the two; keyword research and writing a good blog post. Did you like the way I create a good headlines? Try it yourself! It’s free! Have a successful blogging and writing journey!

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