Country with Most Billionaires, USA Lead 540 Number of Billionaires

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The country with most billionaires is the United States. Actually, the world’s richest person reside in United States. Bill Gates is a successful entrepreneur founded Microsoft Corporation with Paul Allen. Next to United States, the country with most billionaires is China. If USA has 540 billionaires, China has 251 billionaires.

Maybe you will ask, if Bill Gates is the most richest in USA and in the world, who is the richest person in China? Jianlin Wang is the richest individual in China. Wang controlled Dalian Wanda Group, a commercial real estate developer that spanned the globe in recent years. If you want to know what country has the most billionaires, keep on reading.


Q: What is the Country with Most Billionaires?

Answer: United States, 540 Billionaires

Here are the list of countries with most billionaires. If I am not mistaken, Asia, North America, South America has billionaires.

Norway: 13 Billionaires
Mexico: 14 Billionaires
Thailand: 16 Billionaires
Singapore: 20 Billionaires
Israel: 20 Billionaires
Spain: 21 Billionaires
Taiwan: 25 Billionaires
Australia: 25 Billionaires
Sweden: 26 Billionaires
Japan: 27  Billionaires
Turkey: 30 Billionaires
South Korea: 31 Billionaires
Brazil: 31 Billionaires
Switzerland: 32 Billionaires
Canada: 33 Billionaires
France: 39 Billionaires
Italy: 43 Billionaires
United Kingdom: 50 Billionaires
Hong Kong: 63 Billionaires
Russia: 77 Billionaires
India: 84 Billionaires
Germany: 120 Billionaires
China: 251 Billionaires
United States: 540 Billionaires

Country with Most Billionaires

Country with Most Billionaires and the Richest Individuals

In my previous post about the list of the world’s billionaires by country, I included all the names of richest people. Now, let me just share to you who are the billionaires that resides in countries with most billionaires.

Country | Billionaire | Net Worth

  1. United States | Richest Individual: Bill Gates ($75B)
  2. China | Richest Individual: Jianlin Wang ($28.7B)
  3. Germany | Richest Individual: Beate Heister & Karl Albrecht ($25.9B)
  4. India | Richest Individual: Mukesh Ambani ($19.3B)
  5. Russia | Richest Individual: Leonid Mikhelson ($14.4B)
  6. Hong Kong | Richest Individual: Ka-Shing La ($27.1B)
  7. United Kingdom | Richest Individual: Hinduja family ($14.5B)
  8. Italy | Richest Individual: Maria Franca Fissolo ($22.1B)
  9. France | Richest Individual: Liliane Bettencourt ($36.1B)
  10. Canada | Richest Individual: David Thomson ($23.8B)
  11. Switzerland | Richest Individual: Ernesto Bertarelli ($8.6B)
  12. Brazil | Richest Individual: Jorge Paulo Lemann ($27.8B)
  13. South Korea | Richest Individual: Kun-Hee Lee ($9.6B)
  14. Turkey | Richest Individual: Murat Ulker ($2.9B)
  15. Japan | Richest Individual: Tadashi Yanai ($14.6B)
  16. Sweden | Richest Individual: Stefan Persson ($20.8B)
  17. Australia | Richest Individual: Gina Rinehart ($8.8B)
  18. Taiwan | Richest Individual: Eng-Meng Tsai ($6B)
  19. Spain | Richest Individual: Armancio Ortega ($67B)
  20. Indonesia | Richest Individual: R. Budi Hartono ($8.1B)
  21. Israel | Richest Individual: Eyal Ofer ($8.4B)
  22. Singapore | Richest Individual: Robert & Philip Ng ($7.6B)
  23. Thailand | Richest Individual: Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi ($10.7B)
  24. Mexico | Richest Individual: Carlos Slim-Helu ($50B)
  25. Norway | Richest Individual: Odd Reitan ($4.2B)


You will get surprise to this list of countries with the most billionaires. When it comes to technology and finance as the source of wealth of the billionaires, the billionaires from this industries are from United States of America. What about fashion clothing, food, hotels and real estate?

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