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Posted by Grace under Investing on September 14, 2017 is likedly to be one of my favorite online investment. I invests three hundred dollars and earning ten percent everyday. This means, is a HYIP (high yield investment programs). I deposit funds to this site last August 2017 and hoping that it will deliver its 1% promised profit to all members. I excitedly fund my online wallet, convert my currency into BitCoin and then deposit to immediately.

I am excited to open my account everyday because it proves that I am really earning one percent of my invested capital. That was two weeks straight making one percent profits. I also posted the said profits on this post or see the proof below.

Advertisement Experience in Online Investment

Until one day, all my withdrawal requests are pending. I withdrew $4, then $8 then for a total of $30, my withdrawals are in pending. I became curious what’s happening to My curiosity was answered to this email message I received directly from the admin of

As you all know we currently experience an issue with delayed payments,  but we’re now establishing a new algorithm for automated processing of  all payments which will release your delayed payments in a short time.  We have a big amount of withdrawal requests, so we can’t process them  all manually, but the new system will be up and running since on  September 11, 12:00 PM (UK Time).
In accordance with our new guidelines for traders, we have diversified  the funds on trading accounts, which led to blocking of a few of them.  The exchange reps informed us that the accounts were temporarily blocked  as a measure against money laundering. Our lawyers are working to  activate the accounts and according to the information from the exchange, our accounts will be unblocked not later than September 17.
These challenges putting us on test, but we feel your support and we guarantee that we’ll fulfill all obligations given to our customers. I hope for your understanding. We will live through the challenges and continue our stable growth to high profits as we always did in our company.
Receive this email message with a subject: Official News of Control Finance from email message on September 12, 2017 at 6:50 AM
The following day, I receive news again from admin, and ere’s what the admin said in their official email message;
We would like to inform you of the urgent news. Our lawyers received information about the conditions for unlocking all trading accounts of the company. One of them is getting the necessary package of documents and license. This will allow us to restore access to our accounts and conduct our trading activities on the crypto-currency markets completely legally.
Blocking of accounts at the moment and suspension of payments is considered to be a force majeure situation. In this connection, we are forced to fulfill our obligations to clients. This will be organized in the form of, payment of the customer’s deposit (taking into account already previously paid applications for payment of profit on deposits), i.е. according to the formula: The deposit minus the amount of all applications, for the payment of profits, is equal to the balance for payment. All payments will be made in 45 days and extend until the end of October.
The site will temporarily stop working, but all customer databases with their payment and contact details will be stored on a separate server of the company, this will make all payments to our customers. Since November, our company will resume its work in a fully legal regime, when all necessary documents will be received and the frozen accounts of the company will be unblocked.
As general director of the company, I ask you to keep your peace of mind and wait for the payment. The first payments were already made on September 11 and will continue, until the end of October. I want to keep my honest name and the name of our company. I will prove that you can trust me and the company.
Update: I can’t even access the website. I don’t know but the cause might be my computer settings. But I tried everything and follow the instructions of Google Chrome, still the site of can’t be reached.

Conclusion to Status

  • If will pay the pending withdrawals, it is surely become popular like BitConnect. But since, the BitCoin price has been decrease, maybe they’re trader lose profits, that’s why they don’t have enough funds to pay the existing members.
  • Do not join until they pay me my pending withdrawals. I will post updates about my account and give you an idea whether you should join or not.
  • My lessons here is simple, be watchful to many HYIP or do not invest in HYIP. I thought Control-Finance will be likely to help me grow my invested capital. If investment opportunities are coming, control your finances, choose the best investment offers and do not forget to put your eggs in many investment baskets. Just like what I did, I earned Bitcoin in several ways. even my withdrawal request in are pending, I can still make money to other money making programs.

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  1. Faisal says:

    My case also same like yours.control-finance even cant provide Transaction code for withdrawl , i sent many emails but they didn’t even reply.And also i received 2 emails same like urs and then the wasn’t reachable.I m very sad and very depress that why i invested their.

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