Contact PayPal Phone Number for Email Scams?

Posted by Grace under Scams and Frauds on July 25, 2016

Is this one of the PayPal scams or not? I want to contact PayPal phone number today because someone told me that my account is limited for sending and receiving. I received lots of email about PayPal with a subject “Your Account PayPal Has Been Limited”. I don’t know what to do because when I visit the link “it really looks like a real PayPal website. Should I enter my personal PayPal details or not?

I received the queries from Laura Q from Pennsylvania, USA via email on August 12, 2016 with a subject “HELP: Recognizing PayPal Scams . really appreciates this kind of inquiries.


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Should You Contact PayPal Phone Number Whenever You Received PayPal Email Scams?

The answer is NO. Of course not. You don’t need to contact PayPal phone number just to identify whether the email is a scam or a real message from PayPal.

It is easy to identify which email messages are really from PayPal and which email are scam. Here’s how to spot PayPal email scams;

  • Always read the subject line.
  • If your accounts are limited, you can always see it in your PayPal account.
  • Always check the email address and the name of the sender.
  • If the link you are visiting is not, ignore it. Also, if the link you are visiting is in form of HTML, ignore it. Make sure you are visiting the official website of PayPal.
  • At the left upper part of your browser, hover your mouse and check the details of the site you are visiting.
Contact PayPal Phone Number for Email Scams

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PayPal Contact Phone Number


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One comment on “Contact PayPal Phone Number for Email Scams?

  1. Mary Grace (admin) says:

    We received PayPal related email today We advised that when you received the same email, do not fill up the form and give your personal details. It’s a fake email telling you that your PayPal account is limited.

    Subject: Your account has been limited
    Sender’s Email: clients@payservices [dot] net
    Sender’s Name:PayPal Security Team

    Access to your account has been limited

    Dear Valued Client,

    * What are account limitations?
    Account limitations prevent you from doing certain actions with your account,
    such as withdrawing, spending, or receiving money. These limitations are set
    when an unusual or suspicious activity is seen on your account. The account is
    limited to protect you and help ensure the safe use of your account and PayPal
    services, whether you are selling or buying.

    There are a number of reasons why your account could be limited. However,
    in this case, we suspect someone could be using your account without your
    consent. We had to limit what can be done with the account to protect

    Note: Beware to this email message!

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