Compound Interest Calculator with Inflation Adjustment

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 23, 2015

Looking for compound interest calculator with inflation adjustment? If you are looking for a compound interest calculator to use in calculating the future value of your investments that can also calculate the inflation rate, try the android apps created by Gergo Nagy. This compound interest calculator can be installed easily in your android phones. The instructions on how to installed this android apps will be discuss later on. Gergo Nagy has 2 available android apps that can be downloaded in Google play, one of these apps is the “bank calculator”. You can install this android app for FREE and you can use it without internet connection.

This android apps is awesome. I use this compound interest calculator personally especially when I want to know the future value or future worth of my investments. This will be very useful in any investment vehicle you are investing such as bonds, mutual funds, stocks, CDs and 401k. As long as you know the “interest rate” of your chosen investment vehicle. You can’t calculate the future value of your investment if you don’t know the interest rate of your investment.


compound interest calculator with inflation

Features and Highlights of this Calculator

You can calculate the compound interest quickly by just entering an amount of money in the field such as the principal amount, monthly addition, duration or number of years invested and interest rate. And the most important part is it can also calculate the compound interest even if you put the “inflation rate”. This is very important, since we want to beat inflation when investing.

Install Compound Interest Calculator with Inflation Adjustment

First of all, you need to go to Google Play, and then search compound interest calculator. There are many apps to be shown in the search results but you need to look for the apps created bt Gergo Nagy. When you found it, just press install and press agree. (select where do you want to install the apps, phone space or SD space).

The icon will appear in your “downloaded apps” and in “homepage or home screen” of your mobile phone. You may start calculating compound interest by following the instructions;

How to Use Compound Interest Calculator

Enter Amount in the principal or monthly addition or combination of both. Example, if you want to invest $50,000 without any additional monthly investment, just fill the “principal amount”.

If you want to know the future value of your monthly contribution or “dollar cost averaging”, you need to fill the “monthly addition”. And then, fill the duration (how may years invested), the interest rate and to be fill up optionally the “inflation rate”. In addition to this step, you will know the future value, the total interest, the total contributions, present value of your investment and real yield. If you want to view the table and chart, you do so by just pressing “view table or view chart”.

Compound interest calculator is very important. So, what are you waiting for? Download this compound interest calculator that includes inflation rate in your android phones. Share this article with your friends and other investors. Let me hear your thoughts about this compound interest calculator with inflation adjustment! Leave a comment below! thank you!

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