Check Domain Name Availability of All Extensions for New Blog or Website

Posted by Grace under General Info on August 26, 2015

Checking domain name availability is vital for your new website or blog. Often times, we can’t buy our preferred domain names because someone has already registered it.

We can’t deny that short and unique domain names are great. They are easy to remember. When we check domain name (, it is available. But, what if the extensions .com is not available? Should we give up my preferred domain name? No, we should search other available extensions such as .org, .net and .info.


It is to check domain name availability for all extensions and for bulk options. If you have many ideas for your domain names, you can easily search those domain names ideas if they aren’t yet registered by someone else. This tutorial is appropriate only if you want to buy domain name in NameCheap. NameCheap has domain name bulk searching options.

Part 1: Check Domain Name Availability of All Extensions for New Blog or Website

Step 1. Go to (affiliate link).

If you have account in NameCheap, logged in. If you don’t have account, create one. When checking availability of the domain names, it is not necessary to log on to your NameCheap account.

Step 2. Find your new domain name.

JUst type your preferred domain name in the box and you will know immediately if the domain names are available. Choose one of your domain names and buy it.

Say for example, when I searched “dailyanswers”, the domain name “” and other popular extensions are not available.

Part 2: Check Available Domain Names in Bulk

After you do a keyword research and you found out many potential keywords, you want to check this keywords if they’re available if you use them as your domain names. Now, you can check the availability of domain names in bulk.

Step 1. Choose “Bulk Options”.

check domain name availability in bulk-min

Step 2.A Enter Words or Keywords.

You can enter up to 50 domain names. Each name must be on a separate line.


Step 2.B Choose Domain Name Extensions.

There are many domain name extensions, check all the extensions that you prefer. Example, .com. .info, .net, .org,, .us, .tv, .me, .biz, .xyz, etc.

check domain name availability in bulk for all extensions-min

Register Keyword-Rich Domain Names

I prefer to register a keyword rich domain name. What is keyword-rich domain name? The keyword should be the name of your blog or website and it was in the domain name, say for example;

  • Keywords: Investment Total
  • Domain Name:

However, that’s not recommended. The recommended is to register a domain name related to your brand name, a simple, short and easy to remember domain names are great. Now, check domain name availability in NameCheap. If you’re preferred domain names are available, immediately buy the domain name.

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