Cheap iPhone 7 for Sale on Facebook Buy and Sell Groups (Opinion)

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Looking for iPhones for sale? You prepared your money to buy new iPhone. You want to give yourself a gift and you choose iPhone. Whether you want to buy iPhones for sale at a low price or the original price, you must consider some important things when buying new mobile phone.

The phone must be genuine (original) and not just imitation.


The phone must have a warranty. Only the authorized Apple retailer can give you the warranty for your new iPhone.

Although you can find unlocked iPhones for sale easily on Facebook, still, it is not recommended.

Maybe you ask, why should I buy a new iPhone for $800 if I can have it for $100. I observed that there are iPhones for sale on Facebook buy and sell groups. Other groups’ members are selling cheap and imitated Apple iPhone. Not only on Facebook buy an sell groups, there are also online buy and sell websites that allows their members to sell imitated products.

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iPhones for Sale on Facebook Buy and Sell Groups (Opinion)

Don’t get excited. It’s easy to find iPhones for sale on Facebook. Follow this step by step guide on how to find new iPhones for sale on Facebook;

  1. When you logged in on Facebook, use the search bar.
  2. Search something like “iphone 6s” or “iPhone + model”.
  3. Complete and narrow your searches by adding place. Example: iphone 6s plus for sale in Buffalo, NY.
  4. Join buy and sell Facebook groups in your area. Example: New York Buy and Sell Group or California Gadgets for Sale
Cheap iPhones for Sale on Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

Image Credit: Micyaotl Garcia via Flickr CC 2.0

You can also find iPhones for sale on online shopping sites and online classified ads like Olx and Kijiji. Take note that it is not advisable to buy iPhones for sale on Facebook. You might getting scammed and the best reason is you can’t get any warranty to the new iPhone you bought via Facebook groups.

iPhones for Sale on Apple Store (The Real Deal)

If you want to buy new iPhone, the best thing to do is to visit the nearest Apple retail store in your area. if there are no Apple store, then, buy iPhones only to the authorized iPhone store.

I prefer to buy new iPhone on offline store to check the unit carefully, the specifications, the price and the usability. Also, when you buy new iPhones in authorized Apple store, you might get the unit at a discounted price or a unit with lots of freebies.

What about you? When you want to buy latest iPhone, would you buy it in Facebook buy and sell groups, online shopping sites or will you visit Apple store? Leave a comment below!

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