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What is Phishing?

Posted January 1, 2015 under Terminology | No Comments

Want to know now what is phishing? Maybe you read some examples of email phishing related to Toyota and how Microsoft used in email phishing when someone talks about Microsoft Sweepstakes. Awhile ago, I receive an email message from reader asking me what is phishing all about. After I read the email message, I logged out and […]

What is Retirement? Meaning and Definition of Retirement

Posted December 1, 2014 under Terminology | No Comments

What is retirement? Asked by the readers of InvestmentTotal.com. Let us know exactly the meaning and definition of retirement today. A retirement is a life after long years of working. For me the meaning of retirement is “something to plan for”, or “a specific date to prepare for”. a retirement is a period wherein an […]

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