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What is ROI?

Posted February 10, 2017 under Terminology | No Comments

What does ROI mean? In personal finance and investment terminologies, ROI simply means the “return on investment”. An investor should analyze the possible return of his investment before he make an investment decision. ROI will determine the investment offers if it is worth trying or not. If you are planning to double your money in […]

Insurance Definitions: What is Meant By Insurance?

Posted February 9, 2017 under Terminology | No Comments

Looking for insurance definitions? Expand your knowledge about insurances, what is meant by the word insurance or the definition of it. If you are an insurance agent you already know the meaning of insurance. In this page, InvestmentTotal.com will add more financial terms related to our topic. According to Beiks Insurance app, the word defines […]

What is Stock Split?

Posted September 19, 2016 under Terminology | No Comments
learn Investing in Stocks

Stock Split Definition: Know what is a stock split all about with examples and memorandum announced by a company. Do you know what stock splitting is and when it is being done? A reader of InvestmentTotal.com asked question about stock splitting via email, and I am glad to answer his question today. Let us know […]

What is Financial Literacy and Why It is Important?

Posted March 30, 2016 under Terminology | No Comments
what is financial literacy-min

Do you know what is financial literacy? Do you want to know the benefits and advantages of being a financially literate individual? When you hear the word “financial literacy”, what is the first thing comes to your mind? Money? YES! You’re right. Money! But financial literacy isn’t just about “handling money”. It’s all about a […]

What is Adjustable Life Insurance?

Posted March 11, 2016 under Terminology | No Comments
What is Adjustable Life Insurance

Do you know what is adjustable life insurance all about. If you are following InvestmentTotal.com, you already learn other terminologies we used when discussing health insurance and life insurance.  A readers asked a question if he can change his insurance face amount. I am Howard from New York, USA. I want to ask if I […]

What is Accidental Death Benefit Meaning and Definition

Posted March 6, 2016 under Terminology | No Comments

Want to know what is accidental benefit in insurance dictionary? Another insurance terms we want to talk about is accidental benefit. Do you know what is accidental benefit? If not, keep on reading. If you know what it is, you may read other insurance terms used in health insurance and life insurance section. I just […]

What is Insurance All About?

Posted March 2, 2016 under Terminology | No Comments

InvestmentTotal.com explained what is insurance all about. You’ve heard insurance many times, but what is the exact meaning and definition of insurance? If you are interested, continue reading this page and get informed about not just the meaning and and definition of insurance but the importance of it as well. In my own opinion, insurance is […]

Individual Retirement Account IRA Meaning and Definition

Posted January 4, 2016 under Terminology | No Comments

Individual retirement account or IRA simply means your investment basket for your retirement. Anyone especially employees who wants to save money for their retirement funds, should contribute in their individual retirement account. According to the Lifetime Guide to Money book published by the Wall Street Journal, Individual Retirement Account is “tax-deferred plan that can help […]

Words Related to Investment

Posted October 6, 2015 under Terminology | No Comments

You can use these words related to investment whenever you write an article to InvestmentTotal.com. These words related to investment are very useful when you want to start gathering data. In article writing, you don’t need to be genius. All you need to do is to share what you know and most of all write […]

What is Capital Gains

Posted August 14, 2015 under Terminology | No Comments

Knowing what is capital gains is very important if you are a serious investor. In this page, let us find out the meaning and definition of capital gains and capital loss. If you are investing in stocks, mutual funds and real estate, you may never know the tax advantage if you held your property for […]

What is Total Investment

Posted August 14, 2015 under Terminology | No Comments

A reader asked: what is total investment and how does it calculate. I want to know how this financial terminology used in personal finance, business franchise and economics. Awhile ago, while I am tracking the return on my investments in stocks and mutual funds, I read an email and he asked this question. So, I […]

What is Bitcoin?

Posted June 10, 2015 under Terminology | No Comments

Know What is bitcoin definition and mean for the economy. Bitcoin as a currency that can exchange digitally online. Know the rates, and tips on how to buy bitcoin.   Hi Grace, It is a pleasure to inquire some information about bitcoin. I don’t know about bitcoin, may I know what it is all about? I […]

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What is the Difference Between 401k and 403b Retirement Plans

Posted February 28, 2015 under Terminology | No Comments

Want to know what is the difference between 401k and 403b retirement plans? Feel free to read this and leave a comment afterwards. What is a 401k and 403b? I just graduated in college. Fortunately, I get a job easily. I want to invest some portions of my salary in stocks or mutual funds. I am […]

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