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List of scams and frauds related to investing, work from home, lottery, passive residual income, property investment scams roaming around the internet that we received via email.

American Student Association Student Reduction Plans Account Notifications Scam Alert

I received a account notifications related to American Student Association from different people using different email address in my Yahoo mail box (spam box). The Daily Investing Tips blog used to published scams and fraud that we carefully examined to help our readers not to get scammed. Even though we wrote a guide about avoiding…

Grace on April 19, 2017

How Many Times Did You Get Scammed Before You Learned Legitimate Investments?

Often asked by many readers of Daily Investing Tips; how many times did you get scammed before you learned legitimate investments such as stock market and mutual funds investing. Way back 2013, before I got married, I got scammed 2 times. The first one is about work abroad and the second one is high yield…

Grace on April 17, 2017
Grace on April 1, 2017

FNIC Should Report a Scam Email or Scam the Scammers

FNIC was used several times as a subject line in a email message to grab the attention of many people and scam them. I received FNIC email message related to "banking deposits" and I know it's obviously a scam. Read this online scam report of Daily Investing Tips to have an idea. As far as…

Grace on March 19, 2017

DHL Global Mail Online Scam: DHL Package Worth $15.8Million USD

DHL global mail received through email message telling me to get my package worth more than fifteen million United States dollars. This DHL global mail is one of the hottest scam circulating around the web today. So beware. Here is the email message I received related to DHL global mail from the sender Mrs. Anne…

Grace on March 19, 2017

Claim Diamonds and Gold Valued at Over $35M USD (Scam Report)

Scam report for today is about Diamonds and Gold valued at over thirty five million dollars. I received this email message from Naya M Makhlouf using email address I have no idea despite of I blog about scams and frauds, the scammers still send email messages that are obviously a scam just like what I received…

Grace on March 17, 2017

Apple.Store Company Used in Email Phishing to Victimize People

The Apple.Store was used to scam people. In the email message I received, it is very clear that the email message was not really from Apple, Inc. The company (Apple, Inc.) should know about this to inform other people about the evil intention of the sender of this email message. We love to shop online…

Grace on February 26, 2017

Gerald R. Ford International Airport Scam Report Online

There is a scam email about Gerald R. Ford International Airport circulating. I received this Gerald R. Ford International Airport scam related email on February 10, 2017 at 9:38 pm. There is a attractive email messages with this email scam report but beware not to easily believe because a scam is a scam. The email subject…

Grace on February 25, 2017

Scam Report: USPS Delivery Problems Email Notification

If you received USPS delivery problem notification even if you did not use USPS services, what would you do? You will become curious because USPS is providing world class and high quality services. I received an email with a subject "We have delivery problems with your parcel #15021495384". from on January 27, 2017 at 8:02 AM…

Grace on February 18, 2017

DHL Delivery Scam Report as Seen on Email

Did you received DHL delivery confirmation via email and telling you that the content of your package a consignment box worth ($10.500 000 00USD) Ten million five hundred thousand US Dollars. Believe me, it's a DHL scam. No, it's not from DHL, it's from scammer. So, beware of this message. Do not respond to any…

Grace on February 17, 2017

Scam Report: Lotto Netherlands Electronic Mail Award Notification

Another Scam Report from This scam report is about the electronic mail award notification circulating around the web especially on our emails. The scammers is using Lotto Netherlands and want the receivers to make believe about their lotto winning notifications. I received this scam email on Jan 24 at 1:13 AM via Yahoo Mail spam…

Grace on February 14, 2017