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List of scams and frauds related to investing, work from home, lottery, passive residual income, property investment scams roaming around the internet that we received via email.


Wells Fargo Online Account Access is Locked (Scam Alert)

Posted June 6, 2017 under Scams and Frauds | No Comments

What if you received an email message about your Wells Fargo Online and it tells you that your account is locked, what will you do? Will you respond to the email message even if the email address (the sender) is not from the official website of Wells Fargo? When your Wells Fargo Online account is […]

OMG! Bank of America $10,700,000.00 Compensation Payment (Scam Alert)

Posted May 28, 2017 under Scams and Frauds | No Comments

If you will receive $10,700,000.00 Compensation Payment it was deposited in your name by the foreign debts settlement/compensation committee of the Executive Directors Of World Bank Group in conjunction with the European Union Board Of Directors, what would you do? Here’s another scam alert of Daily Investing Tips ( We received this email message about $10,700,000.00 Compensation Payment […]

Win CHEVROLET Captiva X6 Jeep in UK Satellite Software Email Promo (Scam Alert)

Posted May 24, 2017 under Scams and Frauds | No Comments

Want to have CHEVROLET Captiva X6 Jeep right now? Instantly having a CHEVROLET Captiva X6 Jeep can be possible/ But winning this car in the UK satellite software email promo is absolutely just a scam. Awhile ago, we encounter car winning related in online lottery like Toyota United Kingdom, this time of course we are certain that […]

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Barnet and Southgate College Used in Email Offers Investment Interest

Posted May 24, 2017 under Scams and Frauds | No Comments

The Barnet and Southgate College was used in an email talking about investment interest. I received the email (written below) in my spam box from Sian Palmer using email address  If this investment interest is real, why should a reputable college like Barnet and Southgate College send it to my email message. is the email message really […]

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Finanzas Internacionales Offers Investment, Real Estate & Car Loans Online (Scam Alert)

Posted May 24, 2017 under Loans, Scams and Frauds | No Comments

Finanzas Internacionales offers consumer credits, real estate loans, investment loans, car loans and redemption of credits online. I received this loan application online offers in my inbox from Finanzas Internacionales using the email address with a email subject “proposal for a loan”. I am not sure if you already received this email message. It is a […]

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Avoid Buying Cheap iPhones for Sale on Facebook (Scam Alert)

Posted May 13, 2017 under Scams and Frauds | No Comments

Buying cheap iPhones in Facebook can be exciting or can lead you to get scammed. There are many people especially here in the Philippines who are selling cheap iPhones for sale using Facebook. Scammers can easily be caught. maybe you ask, is it true that there are inexpensive but genuine iPhone for sale in Facebook? […]

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FNIC Should Report a Scam Email or Scam the Scammers

Posted March 19, 2017 under Scams and Frauds | No Comments

FNIC was used several times as a subject line in a email message to grab the attention of many people and scam them. I received FNIC email message related to “banking deposits” and I know it’s obviously a scam. Read this online scam report of Daily Investing Tips to have an idea. As far as […]

Claim Diamonds and Gold Valued at Over $35M USD (Scam Report)

Posted March 17, 2017 under Scams and Frauds | No Comments

Scam report for today is about Diamonds and Gold valued at over thirty five million dollars. I received this email message from Naya M Makhlouf using email address I have no idea despite of I blog about scams and frauds, the scammers still send email messages that are obviously a scam just like what I received […]

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