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How Much Money to Save for My Retirement

How Much Money to Save for My Retirement is one of the most asked questions in planning for retirement! Do you know how much money to save for your retirement to live comfortably? Learn how much money should you have during your retirement. And how to prepare that money to retire rich. Many people are…

Grace on August 21, 2015

Where to Get Reliable Advice for Retirement Planning?

Where to get reliable advice for retirement planning? A reader asked, "I am an employee in department store. I am working for about 19 years. I want to retire rich. Can you suggest where to get a good and reliable advice for the preparation of my retirement?"William R. asked this question via email. Our Response:…

Grace on August 21, 2015

Is 401k Plan Right for My Retirement Savings?

Ask yourself; is your 401k plan contributions enough for your retirement? Is it the right investment basket for your retirement savings? We all want to become retire rich and comfortable. How much money do you want to live a comfortable lifestyle during your retirement? Take note that this article isn't mean to be a guide…

Grace on August 21, 2015

Welcoming the Happy Retirement Journey to Riches through Investing

Hey, want to have a happy retirement journey? Me too, my plan is to retire young, happy and rich. I wish you and me will have a successful retirement journey and have a meaningful life in the end. It's a little bi sacrifice. In this page, you will surely have an idea and useful "thoughts"…

Grace on June 25, 2015