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Grace on April 21, 2017

Forbes Quote of the Day: Use the Most Powerful Word Wisely

Here's the Forbes quote of the day. Learn to say NO. Forbes reminds us about the proper using of the most powerful word; the word NO. In decision making (even if its personal, investing or decision to start a business) we have to use the word NO in a good way. Forbes Quote of the…

Grace on February 26, 2017

Forbes Quote of the Day: You Become what You Think

Today's Forbes quote of the day is definitely true. You become what you think. According to Mykelti Williamson, you can become a victim, a failure, a success or a winner. You can become what you want to be by first thinking what you really want to be. If you want to get rich, think you're already…

Grace on February 18, 2017
Grace on July 29, 2016

Setting Life Goals the SMART Way

Setting life goals is exciting and rewarding. You can get a lot of benefits if you know how to set goals for yourself. You can achieve your goals easily and successfully as long as you took action. Goals in life can give you a good direction on how to live your life everyday and how…

Guest Author on June 4, 2016

Why is Life so Hard & What to Do About it?

Many reasons why is life is so hard. Life is difficult because you treat life not a "life". Today, we will discuss the reasons why life is very hard and what to do about it. in life, there are troubles, trials and inequalities. we should face life with courage no matter what we encounter in…

Grace on May 8, 2016

How to Use Facebook and Apply the Law of Attraction?

Know how to use Facebook and apply the law of attraction to money, health, happiness, love, success and anything that you want to attract in life. Interesting topic for today is about using Facebook to use the law of attraction. Making friends, greeting friends, saying hi and hello, posting quotes, pictures and videos. That’s the…

Gilbert Canda on April 9, 2016

Thoughts on Think BIG, Dream BIG

To get bigger results, think BIG in your investing & business ventures! To accomplish great, dream big. Thinking big is better than thinking small. I know you already read this line all over the internet. Today let us discuss some important topics about this getting bigger results. I want to share my thoughts on; 1.…

Grace on April 6, 2016

What is Prosperity?

What is prosperity? What does prosperity mean? Have you ever asked yourself the meaning and definition of prosperity? Do you have the plan to prosper? If so, do you know the tips on how to prosper in life? There are many people who consider their life as prosperous when they have plenty of food in…

Grace on March 23, 2016

Quotes About Life to Keep Yourself Inspired & Well Motivated

These quotes about life are interesting and worth reading. I am always reading quotes about life and I am willing to share to you the most famous life quotes and sayings today. In this blog, since this is not just about money, I want to share some inspiring, motivational and encouraging quotes. Quotes are very…

Grace on February 23, 2016

I am Very Thankful to Lord God

Writing the things I am very thankful for will help me use the law of attraction to attract more good things in my life and become grateful to God. Here are the lists of things I am very thankful for. Today is February 23, 2016. Here I want to think about the things that makes…

Grace on January 23, 2016