How to Get Government Job as Your Permanent Career?

Posted by Grace under Careers on August 5, 2013

Want to get government job? Are government jobs the best career to take? Here are ideas and suggestions on what career or jobs to take. Find better career aside from government jobs today.Career paths and ideas at Why government job is a better choice?

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We’ll talk about this later, as you have read in my previous article on how and what to plan ahead for your future, you will noticed that I’ve talk about saving money, spending money and investing money.

How to Get Government Job as Your Permanent Career?

  • Get education related to the government job you want. Example, if you want to become a public teacher, then, study BS education.
  • Get a licence to become credible in your field of expertise. to Pass the licensure examinations.
  • Apply for government jobs. You can search government job in your local municipality or through government agencies website job directories.

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This time, I will provide some knowledge about financial literacy especially when you are an government employee and maybe you are relying to salary or government loans such as pag-ibig loans, GSIS loans etc.

First of all, you can save a lot of money, it is true, you have a fix income, and you have a high salary job and a rewarding job, when it’s come to money matters, government jobs are not good if you have a big size of family but if you have only two kids, salary for government jobs are enough to live a simple life.

However, it is good to start your own business if you have a big size of family and you have an ambitions to get rich and wealthy. Government jobs such as teaching, nursing, and other jobs in the government are rewarding. But some of the government employee don’t know how to make their money grow that’s why they are complaining that their salary are still low. A P20,000 per month is a big amount of money if you know how to manage it.

Government Job, Security or Investment Opportunity

If you know financial management, you can make your money grow, where and when to invest your salary. And if you are financial literate, you will not get a “government loan” just for your latest gadget, latest shoes, latest car, because you are giving yourself a trouble – a debt.

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Career Path: Get out of DEBT!

That’s the most important first part if you want to become financially free although you are only a government employee earning P20,000 per month. Stop getting loan, if you will get a loan, make sure it is only use for business, a money that will make money (good loan).

If you are a government employee, you can serve Filipino citizen in many ways, and you will feel satisfied and proud that you are serving the Philippines. If you want to find a job in the government, you must take first a civil service exam, find out the civil service exam schedule in your province.

It is easy to get a government job! But, remember, if you are a government employee, and you are smart enough, you can become a millionaire as long as you have a financial goal, maybe you want to read how to retire a millionaire especially if you are a government employee.

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