Car Quotes and Sayings About Family, Joy and Happiness

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Some of car quotes and sayings you can read today in! According to Erma Bombeck, “Never have more children than you have car windows.”. Well, what does this car quote mean? It only reminds the people about ideal family size and the financial status. A car is a sign or symbol of prosperity. You know rich people has cars, luxury cars, sports cars, name it. Therefore, you should fit your desired family size to your financial status. A wise car quote from Erma Bombeck.

The other car quote was from Evan Spiegel, he said that “Cars bring me sheer joy”. Of course, when you buy a car you will become happy. Buying a new car is somehow one of the best rewards you can give to yourself after many hardworks and accomplishments.


Other Car Quotes and Sayings

  • Never have more children than you have car windows. Author: Erma Bombeck
  • Cars bring me sheer joy. Author: Evan Spiegel
  • Fast cars like Porsches and Ferraris – they are things of beauty. Author: Rod Stewart
  • I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself. Author: Ferdinand Porsche
  • I think about cars to try and distract myself. It’s a good way to relax, take your mind off everything. Author: Asafa Powell
  • The cars we drive say a lot about us. Author: Alexandra Paul
Car Quotes and Sayings About Family, Joy and Happiness

Image Credit: gabriella szekely via Flickr CC 2.0 – Vintage Cars

The last car quote from Alexandra Paul is really true. Your car will speak your status in life, your attitude (the way you drive and how you treat other people and creatures in the road) and speak about all yourself. Driving a clean cars means you are a neat person! Driving a sports car means you are sporty, and driving luxury cars means you are super rich person!

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