How to Redeem Money in Canada Savings Bonds?

Posted by Grace under Investing on October 15, 2016

Awhile ago, I talked about Canada Savings Bonds, today let’s talk about how to redeem your investment funds or what we call it Canada Savings Bond Redemption Guide. There are investors who are willing to invest their hard earned money in this type of investment. Canada savings program is an investment opportunity for the Canadian employees who wish to invest in bonds.

What is bonds? A bond is a IOUs issued by the government and other companies to finance their business operations. A bond is a low risk type of investment. And one of the safest investments in financial industry.


It is an ideal (actually recommended) that whenever you invest, make sure you allocate you assets properly to make a great diversification strategy. Make sure you have savings bonds in your investment portfolio. No need to find one, Canada Savings Bonds can help you invest your hard-earned money. An the good news for employees, you can make the investing “automatic” through payroll system.

Canada Savings Bond Redemption Guide

Going back to the topic, here’s the step by step procedures on how to redeem your funds in your Canada Savings Bonds. (if you had already experienced on how to redeem your bonds, please do share it in the comment box). Do not forget to share your feedback, return on investments, rate of annual return and the customer services.


Canada Savings Bond Redemption Guide

  • You can redeem any bond series at any time. No specific bond series is required to be re deemed first; however, you must redeem a minimum of $100 per series, or the entire balance of that series, whichever is less.
  • Funds will be deposited to your bank account within four business days if you are set up for
  • Direct Deposit, or a cheque will be delivered within seven to ten business days.
  • If you are not able to redeem the entire amount of funds available in your plan, it’s because there is a 15-day hold on the last contribution amount made to your plan. You can redeem this amount at the end of that hold period.
Source and Reference: CSB Redemption Guide

Do not miss this great investment opportunity. Invest money in Canada Savings Bonds while you are still young to get the benefits of compound interest! Besides, it is safe! I hope you liked this simple guide about Canada Savings Bond Redemption.

Update: No need to request your annual statement. Annual statement of account will deliver to you via online.  If you want any further information, try to call or mail the customer service hotlines.

  • Website:
  • Email Address:
  • Mailing Address: CSB Payroll Savings Program, 50 O’Connor Street, Suite 201, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6L2
  • Telephone Number: 1 877 899-3599 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET

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