Can You Make Money Trading Options? Ask the Traders

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 22, 2017

Can you make money trading options Asked by Daily Investing Tips readers from Australia. Laura from Sydney asked me about binary options online trading last night. I have nothing to answer because in my binary options online trading experience, I just lose $100. Good thing I am making money online in my other investments like trading bitcoin.

My Response:


Laura, so far I just lose $100 because of lack of knowledge in binary options online trading. Maybe other professional and experts in this field can make money trading options.

My advice to you is to first learn the game. Find a good trading broker, practice free demo account and fund your account real money. Invest what you can only afford to lose.

Understand Options Trading Risk

Before you trade binary options, you should understand the risk. Binary options online trading is associated with high risk. Anyway, high risk means high rewards. But in this case, you can only get high profits if you are professional and expert.

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Read the guide, it is only a basic guide. It can give you some information on how does binary options trading work. Consider the fees, pricing and the risk before you fund your trading account.

Can You Make Money Trading Options? Ask the Traders

As I have said a while ago, many people are making huge cash in binary options online trading. Some people are taking risk and make profits but sad to say there are also people who lose money and worst get scammed by fake binary options trading brokers. After the trader deposit funds, start to trade and make more profits, some brokers will freeze your account and can’t withdraw your funds.

Take a look of binary options in review on the internet before you use real money. What about other traders, can you make money trading options guys, If so, what do you think is the most profitable option trading strategy? Please share your ideas below.

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