Is Buying a New Car Can Save Money than Buying Used Car?

Posted by Grace under General Info on March 19, 2016

Buying a new car can be interesting and exciting! Buy car wisely and practically! Do you think buying a new car is a good idea? Know where you can save a lot of money in buying cars. New or used cars for sale?

Buying a new car is very exciting. But, the question arise when it comes to saving money for a car. Which is more practical ways to buy car, buy brand new car or used cars for sale that usually can buy at a very low price?


I think buying a new car is a good idea than buying old, used second hand car. Do you want to know the reasons why? Keep on reading and find out the main reasons why you should buy new car than old car.

It is true that used cars are very cheap. However, you should be careful in choosing used cars. Used cars might have a good looking exterior and interior. But, what about the mechanical parts of the engine, how would you know that the engine has no problem? What if the used car engine is good today and you will experience malfunctions after few months?

That is the disadvantage of buying second hand cars. You can save a lot of money when buying it but it can give you a headache or even a “pocketache” after few months. Unless you found a second hand cars that is in very good condition.

Is Buying a New Car a Good Idea?

Buying a new car is ideal and recommended if you will buy it in a cahs to cash basis. If you will buy new car in a installment basis, you can’t save a lot of money in that way.

Buying a new car can’t help you save more if you will buy it in a installment basis. Believe me, if you will just calculate the total amount of money you pay for a car (down payment and monthly amortization), you will noticed that the price of a car will increase of more than 30% to 50%.

buying a new car over used car

Image Credit: Rowan Peter on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr

When Buying a New Car is Recommended?

Buying a new car is recommended if you have enough cash to pay for it. If you will buy a new car, you are also making sure that the car engine has no defect especially if you bought a new car with a good brand name. Whether you are buying American car brand or Japanese car brand, the important thing is you are buying a new high quality car. Don’t buy new car because of popularity. Buy new car after you read reviews and feed backs from other car owners using your preferred car model.

So, do you agree that buying a new car is a good idea if you have just enough money to pay for it? Let me know your opinion about this post. Share your comments below.

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