Buy BitCoin Instantly using Credit Card & CryptoCurrency Trading Broker

Posted by Grace under Investing on October 19, 2017

You can buy bitCoin instantly using credit card and cryptocurrency trading platform easily today. What’s the reason why you should buy BitCoin BTC? Well, maybe because you think that BitCoin will be a payment gateway someday for supermarkets, online stores, etc. Not only that, maybe for capital appreciation. BitCoin price increased rapidly and people are finding a way to buy BitCoin instantly to ride the wave of cryptocurrency.

Yes, you can buy BitCoin instantly and make money out of it. All you need to do is to buy BTC and then wait for the BTC price to increase. Say for example you bought 174 BitCoin on 2009 at for fe dollars and now the price of 1 btc to USD is more than $5,000 – you are now a million dollar man today!


Interesting idea, isn’t it? well, to start with. You must have your own BTC wallet address. BTC address looks like this.

In case you want to donate BitCoin to our useful site. BTC wallet address is 358CCcR6FwoxgHWTZ3FdxqQ9B32cvm3ypd

So, here are the steps to buy BitCoin instantly. All you need to do is to create a BitCoin BTC wallet. Then fund your wallet using banks, remittances, credit card. Your local currency will then convert to BitCoin. Say for example, if you put $10,000 in your wallet, then you must have at least more than 1 BTC.

If you are from United States, then you must use CoinBase, and if you’re from the Philippines, then use Coins.Ph. Search the most reliable BitCoin wallet providers in your country.


Also, you can use cryptocurrency trading broker. We personally use Kraken. all we need is to fund our trading account, and we trade USD to BitCoin easily. That way, we can also buy BitCoin instantly. I know this is something technical thing. Just do your homework. Even if I will demonstrate to you how to buy BitCoin instantly using trading platform or using BTC wallet address provider, you will not understand unless you will do it yourself. It’s the experience that counts in trading and investing. The experienced trader will make more than anybody else.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid exchanging your USD to BitCoin to other people especially in Facebook. Many scammers are on facebook and they tend to lure you to earn or own a BitCoin instantly. Learn the tricks of Scammers offering BitCoin Investment here.
  • Use a reliable BitCoin exchanger. Do not forget to read reviews and feedbacks before you join and start buying bitCoins online.
  • CoinBase (from USA) and from the Philippines are one of the most popular local currency to BitCoin exchanger.
  • Ask, ask and ask before you dive your interest in trading and investing cryptocurrency. Always remember that when you read articles online saying they became rich by buying BitCoins, it is because they buy BitCoin at a low price and they sell their BTC at a higher price (they waited patiently for the price of BitCoin to increase).
  • Calculate the fees (including trading fees, converting fees, transferring fees) when you are buying BitCoins.

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