Buy 2016 Olympics Tickets for Sale Online on Official Website to Avoid Scam

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Want to buy Rio 2016 Olympics tickets but don’t know where to buy? This page can guide you when and where to buy 2016 Olympics tickets online. The 2016 Rio Olympics is approaching very fast. The Summer Olympics 2016 opening ceremony is on August 5, 2016 and it the closing ceremony will be on August 21, 2016. A reader ask a question, “where (online) can I buy Rio 2016 Olympic tickets?” after he read the information about the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Here is the question;

I would like to buy tickets online for my family. I want to visit Brazil and witness Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games with my family. I want to know the price of tickets for the opening ceremony and for the sports events especially in basketball.

When I visited the official website of Olympics 2016 which is, I have noticed that there is a specific web page on their website wherein the website visitors can easily buy Rio Olympic Tickets online.

Take a look at the official website. At the right upper navigation, visit “ticket”. You will be then directed to the sales page. If you don’t understand the page language, change the language into English.

Buy Rio 2016 Olympics Tickets for Sale Online on Official Website to Avoid Scam

Due to many scam and spam email I received, I think scammers will take advantage this event to look for another victim. To avoid getting scammed, read the guidelines from itself. I found the best guide in the frequently asked questions in the

Question: How do I purchase tickets to Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games?


The ticket sales for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games started on March 31st and ended on July of 2015 with two random draws phase. The results were launched on June and August. In October 20th of 2015 at 10am until August 2016 it will be possible to purchase online your ticket through Rio 2016 Ticket Website. Starting on June, 2016 it will be possible to purchase tickets at the official box offices.

The ticket sales for Rio 2016 Paralympic Games started on September 7th, 2015 with a random draw and ended on September 30th. The online sales started on December 8th, 2015 until September, 2016 with the remaining tickets. On June, 2016 until September, 2016 it will be possible to purchase tickets at the official box offices.

For more information on the ticket sales process please visit the Rio 2016 ticket website

How Can I Buy 2016 Olympics Tickets if I am Outside Brazil

The Olympics 2016 tickets are available in your own countries (as if you are not a resident in Brazil), you can buy 2016 Olympics tickets only to Authorized Ticket Resellers (ATR)

Check the Olympic Games Authorized Ticket Resellers List at

FYI: You can easily buy Olympics tickets online if you have a Visa credit card. If you want to add information about buying 2016 Olympics tickets, just leave them in the comment box below.


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