BPI PhilAm Life Insurance Review

Posted by Grace under Insurance on August 28, 2015

Looking for BPI PhilAm Life Insurance review? Here is the honest review I can give to BPI-PhilAm Life Assurance Corporation – a subsidiary of Philam Life and an affiliate of BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands). I decided to choose BPI PhilAm Life Insurance last June 2014. I know yo’re looking for the best life insurance company today. This review might not be the tools or the criteria when judging the best insurance companies.

I said this is a honest review. I said it because I used it as my personal life insurance. I have a great experience with BPI PhilAm Life.


BPI-PhilAm Agents are Knowledgable

2013, I discovered personal finance and investing. I read books, blogs and forums. I learned insurance, and assets allocations. I learned that insurance is a must have before investing money. Lucky me because when I deposit money to my BPI account, someone told me to get a life insurance. And that was Ms. Jobelle Gonzales (BPI-PhilAm agent) of BPI-PhilAm Pampanga.

She is knowledgeable, concerned and I may say she is dedicated. I ask her many times and she answered me promptly.

Conclusion: When buying insurance, I choose agents, the way she talk, the way she presents and the way she answered my queries over the phone or in personal.

BPI PhilAm Life Insurance Review

BPI-PhilAm Services

While I am writing post to InvestmentTotal.com other categories (not in finance), my brother gave me a mailing letters from BPI. I am so happy because I know it was a good news. When a company send me a mail, it maybe a “copy of participation” in my mutual funds or it’s about my “insurance”. I don’t receive mail related to credit card debts and credit card bills.

I decided to renew my BPI-PhilAm Life Insurance on June 24, 2015. Since it was my first time to renew my insurance, an agent (not Jobelle this time), showed care. The BPI PhilAm in SM City Pampanga agents are very helpful. The agent teach me how to renew my policy by paying my insurance premium over-the-counter.

After I successfully renewed my BPI-PhilAm Life Insurance policy, a representative from the main office call me by phone. Wow, it was a great surprise. She confirmed the successful renewing of my policy.

And after that phone call, I received a mail from BPI-PhilAm Life Insurance about my policy number updates. This is what written;


Thank you for choosing BPI-PHILAM as your parner towards financial security and prosperity. We are pleased to inform you that we have processed your request for change in your mobile number.

  • Old Mobile Number:63
  • New Mobile Number: 09

Your next annual premium payment of (Amount here) will be due on June 24, 2016. Please pay on or before this date to keep your policy in force and avoid any late payment charges.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to call us at (02) 89-100 or PLDT toll free number 1-800-188-89100 or email BPI-Philam_customerservice@aia.com

Sincerely yours,


I also received billing notice before I renewed the policy. Sad to say (the postal service) wasn’t good at delivering mails on time. BPI-PHILAM send the billing notice, the policy information updates notice, the renewal confirmation on July 9, 2015. But, I receive all of these on August 28, 2015. It was too late for postal service.

BPI PhilAm can make a complaints regarding this matter to Philippine Postal Service. The BPI-PhilAm wants their clients to become more satisfied but the postal service is failing to deliver the necessary mails. It’s not BPI-PhilAm fault, it’s the postal service that fails to provide high quality service.

There are many times I received late mails especially the important ones. When I received a mail regarding to the annual meeting of shareholders of “mutual fund company” where I invested few hundreds of thousands. For me, that’s very important, but, it’s too late! I hope the postal service will ensure that the mails will deliver on time.

Going back to the topic, if I will give BPI-PHILAM Life Insurance today after a year of experiencing their services, I want to give them 10 /10, I am 100% satisfied. BPI-PhilAm Life Assurance Corporation meet the expectations of every clients – like me!

Disclaimer: I don’t allowed private advertisement in this website. What I write here is my own personal experience. I am not affiliated with BPI-PhilAm Life Assurance Corporation. The BPI, BPI-PhilAm Life Assurance Corporation, PhilAm are registered trademarks of Bank of the Philippine Islands.

Thought of the Day:

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