BPI Express Online Enrollment Experience

Posted by Grace under Banking on August 1, 2014

BPI Express Online has a great feature benefits for its clients. Anything that you can do to any BPI branch can also done with BPI express online as long as you have computer and internet connection. Try this hassle free online banking services of Bank of the Philippine Islands today, before we continue, let us know first the benefits of this online banking services of BPI.

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Make sure you know what you are doing online especially when transacting online, transact safety and with security. Can you do this with BPI Express Online? Yes of course. Below are the benefits of this online banking services;

  • You can view the real time balances of your BPI deposits, consumer loans, credit cards, investments and express cash account.
  • You can transfer funds from your BPI Express Online to the account of your relatives, friends and other family members.
  • You can pay your utilities via BPI Express Online, loans and insurance payments can also be done online.
  • You can view your Prepaid Card balance quickly online.
  • You can also reload your Globe Handyphone or TM prepaid phone.
  • At BPI Express Online, you can apply for a deposit account, auto or housing loan, credit card and prepaid card.
  • You can request for credit card replacement, credit card conversion, increase credit card limit, and reactivation of credit cards. You can also make a request for a “stop payment” order of issued checks real time.

How to Enroll in BPI Express Online Banking?

You can enroll ATM-Based account, credit card account and passbook-based account. Below are the step by step guide procedure on how to apply in BPI Express Online banking;

Step 1. Visit https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/direct_apply.htm
Step 2. Choose which you want to enroll (atm-based: BPI, BPI Family Savings account, BPI direct deposit account,  Passbook based: BPI, BPI Family Savings deposit account, BPI Europe Account, and credit card account) and continue.
Step 3. Choose within the Philippines or outside the Philippines.
Step 5. Fill out the necessary data about your account ( account number, JAI: joint account indicator, type of account) and submit.

After you have submitted the form, please go to any BPI ATM and insert your ATM card, go to special services, then activate enrolments, express online. The machine will give you a receipt regarding the activation of your BPI Express Online. You can now make a banking online and enjoy the benefits as we have mention above.

Here’s my personal experience in enrolling BPI Express Online, it is so easy as you know how to ASK. First I opened my BPI savings account for only P3,000 maintaining balance. I will use BPI savings account to build my emergency funds and making a annual renewal in my BPI-Phil Am life insurance worth P500-P600 per month.

After I opened a savings account, a representative helped me enroll my BPI Savings account in BPI Express online, to transact online like adding funds in COL Financial, paying bills etc.

Safety Online Transaction Tips

There are wi-fi connection in the mall, in the buses, or other establishments that offer for free. Do not forget to clear the cookies of your browser after you have login in your BPI Express Online account. Try to change your password at least every 3 months, and do not give your password or PIN number to anyone even to your relatives. The best practices is to always check the official website if it is the legitimate website or just a “bogus” website. Do not transact online if you are not familiar on how to do it, try to ask assistance. Make sure you when you buy something using your credit card, you have received an official receipt and print it.

I remember when I am buying a domain name, the website always ask me to print their official receipt together with the reference number.

Buying online is very easy as long as your card has a Visa or Master Card logo. If you can’t log on to your BPI Express online, try to email them, or just click “forget password”, if you think it was compromised, or someone is using your account, then call the customer service immediately.

Share Financial Education to Your Friends and Relatives

Thanks to the great services of BPI, I am satisfied, now I can view my account online, anytime, anywhere. Keep up the good work BPI. Sharing financial education will make your time worthwhile, try to spread the news that anyone or any Filipinos who wish to invest their hard earned money can be done easily nowadays.

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Let me add more articles from time to time especially based on my personal experience in BPI express online banking and investing in different instruments and investment opportunities as well. Thank you for keeping on visiting InvestmentTotal.com – A Personal Finance and Investing Blog

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