6 Blue Chip Stocks in ASX Australian Stock Exchange

Posted by Grace under Investing on February 3, 2015

A readers asked this question; “I am from Australia, I want to invest in the stock market and prefer blue chip stocks. What are the blue chip stocks in Australia? Can you name some companies stocks that can considered as blue chip stocks”

Response: “I’m glad InvestmentTotal.com motivated you to invest your hard earned money. In investing, you have to know first your financial goal. There are many investment vehicle out there aside from stocks that can help you grow your money. Good thing, one of the best investment instrument that can give you a high return is through investing in the stock market, soon to post a topic related to blue chip stocks in Australia. Always visit my blog to read the updates.”


And here is the answer to his question. I hope this will be very helpful not just to the reader who sent me a queries concerning blue chip stocks in Australia. In Australia, there is a stock exchange called as the ASX or Australian Securities Exchange. There are almost 2,000 two thousand or more stocks listed in Australian Securities Exchange. But, we have to select the blue chips. Blue chips are the stocks that has are belong to large or mega-cap.

6 Blue Chip Stocks in Australia

Blue chip stocks are stable, they reached globally and they are tested trough times because of companies management, assets, balance sheet and the quality service or products that are offering to the consumers. based on the research, here are the blue chip companies stocks listed in ASX.

  • National Australia Bank | Stock Code: NAB | Market Cap: $87.65 Billion
  • Common Wealth Bank of Australia | Stock Code: CBA | Market Cap: $146.57 Billion
  • Telstra Corporation | Stock Code: TLS | Market Cap: $81.55 Billion
  • Rio Tinto | Stock Code: RIO | Market Cap: $25.53 Billion
  • BHP Billiton | Stock Code: BHP | Market Cap: $98.44 Billion
  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group | Stock Code: ANZ  Market Cap: $94.35 Billion

These stocks are one of the most traded stocks in Australian Securities Exchange. I hope you liked this post and satisfied to the answer regarding blue chip stocks in Australia. Share this post to your friends who are stock investors looking for ASX blue chips. Happy investing!

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