Blogging is Hard Work that Pays Off

Posted by Grace under General Info on January 9, 2016

Do you believe blogging is hard work? If blogging is a lot of work, why there are many bloggers around the world that keeps on blogging raining or shining? What’s the satisfaction, rewards and benefits of blogging? Let’s find out!

I started blogging last 2008, I created several blogs and  most of my blogs are gone. I created them on platform, those blogs were deleted. I don’t know the reasons but one thing I have learned, blogging is hard work if you blog seriously.


Blogging is Hard Work But Pays Well

There are many bloggers who are making money from home by just blogging. Some bloggers are making money out of selling advertising space in their blogs.

Some bloggers make money by selling affiliate products. While other bloggers are making money by selling their own products and services such as blog installation, blog developing and some are getting paid because of search engine optimization services they offered from other bloggers and website owners.

When Blogging is Hard Work and When It’s Not?

If your plan is to make one dollar a day on your blog, blogging is not hard. Blogging will only become hard if your plan is to make $5,000 per month. There is a big difference between a blogger earning $100 per month and a blogger earning $10,000 per month. The one is a hard working blogger, while the other is just blogging for hobby or for fun.

Blogging is hard work if you are serious in achieving your blogging goal. What’s your blogging goal? Why do you blog anyway? There are lot of work when it comes to blogging especially if your plan is to make serious money.

Blogging tasks such as article writing, building back links, promoting your blogs pages to get more visitors, get more email lists and most of all generate some sales if you are in affiliate marketing or get more clicks or page views if you are in advertising.

What about you? How do you treat blogging? Is blogging easy for you? Or you are like everybody else that consider blogging is hard work? Let me know your thoughts on this blogging topic.

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