How to Make a Blog Post on BlogSpot?

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Blog Spot: Let us now learn on how to make a blog post  on blogspot using one of the most popular blogging platform today aside from WordPress, and that is Blogger. The word “blogger” in this blog post has two definitions. First meaning of this word would be; the platform you are using wherein you can create a blog for free. And the second meaning would be a person who is using the platform. In this case, I am the blogger behind and you are my reader.

A blog is an online diary wherein you can share your feelings, opinions, ideas and even your expertise by means of writing an article online.


A blogspot is the extension of your domain name when you use as your platform. You can remove the blogspot extension by just using a redirecting method once you bought a domain name.

Now, you know the difference between these three words. Let us find out, how to create a blog and start posting an article. First go to the official website, when you are at the official website, press “start a blog” or “create a blog”. This will be so easy as long as you have already an email address in Google. Creating a blog in blogger is so easy.

How to Make a Blog Post

Think an idea on what is your blog all about. If you are familiar with the computer, you might put a title “computer tips and tricks”, “computer tutorials”, or “computer repair”. As long as it related to what kind of blog do you want to build.

How to Make a Blog Post

Create a New Blog

In creating a blog, think of your blog address or the URL. Make sure the URL is related to the title of the blog. Or make it short and easy to remember, you can also entitled it as your name. If your name is John Doe, you can create a blog address using

After creating your blog, it is now the best time to make a blog post. When writing a blog post, make sure the post title should justify the content or vice versa. Example, if your post title is about “how to get rich” but the content is about “how to lose weight”. You don’t have to create a lengthy post, all you need is a clear and concise content related to your topic.

Making a Blog Post on Blog Spot

How to Make a Blog Post Using Blogger?

In blogger, it is easy to write an article. If you are familiar with MS word, you can easily post an article. The thing to consider when writing an article using a platform are as follows;

  • Familiarize HTML
  • Familiarize Bold, Italic and Underline Icon
  • Know how to Change Font style and Font Sizes
  • Proper Use of Headings and Sub-Headings
  • Inserting a Photo and Videos
  • Inserting a Link
  • Uses of Bullets and Numbers
  • Uses of Quotes
  • Proper Labeling of Your Post
  • Uses of Permalink
  • Uses of Search Description or Meta Description

It is important to know on how to use the things mentioned above. In my next post in blogging tips for beginners “series”, I will discuss about what to do after I published an article and how to design a blog on blogger, plus tips on how to make your blogspot blog SEO friendly. Stay tuned to – you personal finance guide online.

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