BitCoin Trading: Top 25 Countries Interested in BitCoin

Posted by Grace under Investing on October 6, 2017

BitCoin trading was searched by many people worldwide, top countries interested in BitCoin trading aside from Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. Do you know that many people are very interested in trading cryptocurrencies especially BitCoin, Ethereum and Ripple? Well, I am one of those people who are trading cryptocurrencies. My portfolio is more on Ripple and BitCoin.

But, how can anyone make money in BitCoin trading? It is just like buying and selling an item. Buy BitCoin at a low price and sell it when the price increases. You can be able to buy more BitCoin when its prices are low and less BitCoins when the prices are high. If you are interested in BitCoin trading, allow me to share to your my personal experiences in trading cryptocurrencies.


But before that, let us find out the people who are interested in BitCoin trading, which countries were they came from and what do they searched online.

Top 25 Countries Interested in BitCoin Trading

The information I gathered was from Google Trends, for a specific date October 7, 2009 to OCtober 7, 2017. So here are the countries interested in trading BitCoins.

bitcoin trading most countries searched bitcoins BTC

People who are interested in BitCoin trading are from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Estonia, Slovenia, Singapore, Netherlands, Czechia, Austria, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, United States, Latvia, Norway, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, Philippines, Sweden, Kenya, Bangladesh and Bulgaria.

BitCoin Trading and Related Interesting Topics

They usually searched for BitCoin mining, BitCoin value, BitCoin trading, BTC prices, BiTCoin rate to specific currencies like US Dollar to BTC or Canadian Dollar to BTC. These people are also searching for BitCoin wallet and blockchain. They also want to know how to buy BitCoin and how to what is the best BitCoin trading platform.

Other people are so curious that’s why they still want to know what is BitCoin all about. If you are one of the many people who are really interested to know more about BitCoins, please read the following articles.

So, now you know who are the people interested in BitCoin trading and where they come from. Since, many people nowadays are interested in earning BTC BitCoin, now they will do everything just to earn 1 bitcoin. So, beware to some people online especially on Facebook when they are offering you about BiTCoin earnings and investments. Know the scammer’s tricks just to earn BitCoin or BTC.

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