Binary Options Online Trading: Awesome Money Making Experience

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 22, 2017

Binary options online trading experience can be awesome, cool, profitable and unforgettable in any ways. One best way to make money today is binary options online trading. But what is a binary options? Binary options are a simple way to trade price fluctuations in multiple global markets according to Investopedia. There are many people nowadays who are making a living through trading binary options. However, there are also many people who mistakenly put their money in a trading broker, start to trade and suddenly lose money. In binary options, to make it profitable, you should have at least skills in reading graphs, analyze markets and discipline. It is true that anyone can make more money and become rich on the internet through binary options online trading. Today, I will share to you my experience in trading binary options. Continue reading to learn from my mistakes in online trading and investing. Honestly, I am a newbie binary options trader. If you are interested in my trading experience, keep reading.

In the first of August 2017, I watched YouTube on how to make quick cash online. I keep on browsing YouTube videos about work from home, investing online and make money online. And after few minutes one video caught my attention because of its attractive caption and video title “trading binary options 300% profitable with effective and tested trading strategies”.


Oh, wait. What is this. The man in the video is making huge cash. I saw a video whereas the trader is making $1,000 in 60 seconds or less. I keep my eyes open. Wow, this is real. And in the video it shows proof of earnings and proof of withdrawal in binary options online trading platform/broker.

Binary Options Online Trading Experience – Just Make $5,000+ Profit

I follow the video I watched on YouTube and I saw a binary options trading broker website in the description. I visited the website, register an account and play $10,000 virtual money. I start trading forex USD/EU as I think the price will go down after 60 seconds. So I press “put”.

What happened after 60 seconds? Oh, I lose more than one thousand dollars. And I tried to trade USD/EU again and again.

After few trades of losing, I never lose hope. I am sure I will win the next time around. So I trade USD/Eu again for one minute. And boom! I win and make profit. I keep on winning until I turn 10,000 USD to more than 30,000 USD.

I am not afraid because I am only using free demo account in my binary options online trading activity. I am thinking, anyway it just a free game, let me have some fun. Wow, making a lot of profit in binary options online trading is really awesome, cool and exciting.

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Trade Real Money – Deposit $100 in my Trading Account

I don’t want to mention any binary options online trading broker here. I deposit funds in my account amounting to $100 using my debit card. I fund my account and trade only $1. y $100 turn into $105 in 5 minutes. Wow, this is amazing. Greediness lose my discipline. I keep on trading USD/EU for every 60 seconds. Sometimes I win and sometimes I trade the wrong options. I keep on winning until I lose 20$ bucks. My deposit now is only $80. So I want to recover my losses and trade more tha $1. My $80 turn into $97 and keep on trading until my deposits decrease to 50%. It became $50.

I lose my temper and discipline. I just guess. I don’t have any clue about trading, analyzing, etc. I just think the price will go down or up. I just really guess. O come on, I only have $50 left. I want to make at least $50 not lose $50. SO i decided to bet $50 and the result is (roll the drum please….)

The result is “awesome”. My $100 deposit turned into $0.00. I lose $100 in one day not because I am not lucky that day but I don’t have any idea how to really make money on binary options online trading. The lesson is simple. Know what you’re doing before you dive into trading or investing. Knowledge is the first and most important thing in investing and trading. But I am happy with the experience. Experience is the best teacher. Good thing, I trade only an amount that I can afford to lose. Another lesson learn, binary options trading is very risky! When I trade currency, I feel like I am a real professional trader,I feel I am so rich! At least I now know what to do next time when I want to try binary options online trading again.

So, what can you say about my experience in binary options online trading? Leave a comment below. And for the binary options expert and professional trader, have time to share your strategies in the comment box.

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