Bill Gates Richer than US President?

Posted by Grace under General Info on August 21, 2015

Question for the Day: Who is richer, the US President or Bill Gates? The basis of riches isn’t the position in the government. The basis of how a man is rich is his net worth. Therefore, if you want to know who is richer between the two, you have to find out their individual net worth.You can go to Forbes.Com and find the net worth of Bill Gates. According to Forbes, Bill Gates is now the highest net worth person in the world. He is the richest man in the world. According to report, Bill Gates Private Jet is worth millions.

Now, compare the salary of the US President to the income of Microsoft CEO:Bill Gates. Now, you know who is wealthy?


Bill Gates Richer than US President

When it comes to leadership and popularity, of course the US President is more popular than the richest man in the world. The US President is popular not only in USA but also in other countries. Why did he became popular? It is because USA is one of the most powerful country in the world. When a country is powerful, its President is powerful too.

Now, go to other countries and ask many people if they know who is Bill Gates. They might answered “I don’t know”.

The US President always taking care of Americans and other countries’ citizens. While Bill Gates helped many people to get a job, to have a living. The US President need entrepreneurs like Bill Gates. This means, the government officials and the entrepreneurs has important roles in society.

Popularity or Riches

May I ask you now, if you were given the chance to choose something. Would you choose popularity or to become the most richest man?

The important in this world is how can you gave value to many people’s lives. How can you help other people to become successful, too. Money, riches, popularity, government positions will only be useful if you live with a great purpose. I will leave this question to you. Please share your opinion. Thank you for reading!

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