Best Ways to Invest Money (Business, Education, Paper Assets)

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Know the best ways to invest money today to prepare your financial future. List of investment options you can try!

I didn’t know the best ways to invest money before. I thank God I am now an investor in the stock market and mutual funds. How many times have you been scammed before you invest your money in paper assets like stocks, mutual funds, trust account? Here I am to give you some lesson, a lesson worth reading to avoid investing mistakes. This is just a common sense!


Do not repeat the same mistakes! The currency I use is US dollars (for the sake of other readers from North America). You are very lucky because there are many financial literacy activists who are offering low cost financial literacy seminars and consultations. Grab those opportunity before it’s too late.

I’ve been searching jobs in an online career search on year 2007, my plan is to work abroad preferably in USA. I search the internet and I found employment agency (US based) that offers job “opportunity”. The agency is asking me to pay $100 for the processing of documents. After I have paid the agency a $100 via mail, I receive forms and letters (sample covered letters) and the list of companies wherein I will pass the letters together with my resume on those companies addresses.

After a month, I received some calls from USA wants me to see in person for interview. I search the addresses of the companies, they are real and operating. I don’t get scammed, I just found out I am in money shortage to pursue my dream to work in US.

Lesson: Even in online, you can apply for a job. However, be prepare for everything. Imagine If I only have money that time, maybe now I am working in USA. Good thing I don’t achieved that dream. (more on this later*).

Best Ways to Invest Money (Business, Education, Paper Assets)

  • Business (Online Business like MLM, Online Stores, Traditional Business, Business Franchise)
  • Education (Masteral Degree, Self-Education, Formal Education, etc.)
  • Paper Assets (stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, certificates of deposits, cash)
  • Real Estate properties (lot, houses, apartments, etc)
  • Jewelries and collectibles

Best Ways to Invest Money (Business, Education, Paper Assets)

Online Business: Is it the Best Way to Invest Money?

Online business opportunities. Last 2008, my curiosity about online business start. I search “how to make money online”, in the local online classifieds I found offers online business about dating sites. Be an affiliate in promoting dating sites, the promoter wants me to buy a tool (IP hiding tool), I pay almost $300, I am convinced because he showed me the proof of earnings, the money is just a borrowed money. After I paid the promoter, he’s gone! My $300 fades away and I get stressful days and nights where to find money to pay for my debt.

Lesson: Be a risk taker, if you think it is an opportunity grab it. What if it’s true? Then I can make almost $10,000 a month online with just a capital of $300. What if it’s not, at least you know it’s not hehe. (joke only). At least you learned from it.

Is MLM Networking the Best Way to Invest Money

2009 MLM Warnings: Wow! Amazing banners and promotions, impressive earnings! Luxury car, big houses, grand vacations, promoter invited me to eat in a fine dining restaurant while presenting their MLM offers. For about $150, I joined again, I used borrowed money! After I joined and become a member. I started to promote products. I keep on making sales and referrals, but, after few weeks, the company’s gone! Nothing to pay for their members! Few years later I joined another MLM binary mostly their products is health products. Another bad decision!

Lesson: MLM are good for few weeks to few months! If you join MLM, make sure the product will add value to other people’s lives. Sometimes, they just use an available product just to build an MLM company.

2009 I keep on searching how to get rich. Until I found the word “investing”. But, I just did online investing in a website that offers high profits (example, 300% after 7 days). If you are familiar with high yield offers online, you know what I mean. I set up an online payment proccesors account such as PayPal, liberty reserve, Payza formerly AlertPay. I funded my payment processors account worth $500, I joined the high yield offer expecting to get rich, invest $500 and after an hour the website disappeared. Sorry for my $500, again borrowed money!

Lesson: Dreaming to become rich is the greatest dream I’ve ever made in my entire life. I don’t lose hope and see what happened!

Best Way to Invest Money is in Education

2010 I stop searching for online business and investing. I just socialize online, watching movies on youtube. A stranger post a picture in Facebook presenting the cover of “The Secret”. I am curious, why it has been entitled as “The Secret”. I go to National Book Store and search for the book, I found it. Rhonda Byrne the secret! I bought the book, read it and it blows my mind! I keep on reading it, I became addicted to it. Actually everyday I always bring it wherever I go. I think about it, one night I watch video on youtube, until I decide to type “the secret” in Youtube Search Bar, I found “the secret” video on youtube! Wow, even late at 1 am in the morning I feel energetic. I practice the teachings about money, “the secret” had it entitled “The Secret to Money”.

Lesson: Don’t lose hope. God will find a way. Know the law of attraction.

2011 to Present. I started collecting books, usually personal finance books. There’s “the secret”, “secrets of the millionaires mind”, “cash flow quadrant”, “wealth within your reach”, etc. I read the “wealth within your reach”, I followed the guide and here I am; investing in paper assets.

Lesson: EDUCATION is the key to success! It works in any areas, finances, relationship, career, etc.

Trivia: Shaq O’Neal (former LA Lakers Player) knew what he wants after being retired in NBA, he took MBA courses, build his own companies and now a CEO.  He don’t just play ball, he play the money game the smartest way.

*If I will go abroad, my purpose is pleasure not to work. Paper assets, business enterprises, other investments will help you to live the life you truly deserve. If you are working abroad, please do take care of your hard earned money, go back in your country and invest. Believe me, there is more to life aside from working forever, sacrificing, humiliating, try to be your own boss. You and your family deserve every good thing in this planet earth.

Other ways to invest in education is to keep on getting information about the different types of investments.

Best Time to Invest Money is Today!

Learn financial education. There’s nothing wrong in getting rich. But, make sure you are equipped with proper knowledge, skills and mindset. Books, blogs, seminars and financial consultation to a certified financial planner will help you to plan your financial future. Invest in education!

Do not repeat the same mistakes. For me the most effective way to learn how to invest is attending personal finance seminars and talk to a registered /certified financial planner.

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