Best Time to Sell Stock During the Day

Posted by Grace under Investing on April 28, 2015

When is the best time to sell my stocks? If you are a trader you might asked, what is the best time to sell stock during the day (trading hours).  A reader of asked this question. I probably believe this reader already know how to start investing in stocks, and that’s obvious because he is now selling hi shares. The reason why I need to publish this topic in my personal finance blog so that my readers can get benefits from it.Stock market investing is so easy. But it is one of the riskiest investment vehicle available. When I started investing in stocks, I became amazed because few months alter my funds gained almost 12%. I said, wow! This is cool. What I did is I choose the blue chip stocks available in our country, say for example Apple, Inc., Microsoft, etc. These stocks are considered as blue chip stocks in USA.

Supposedly, my investment funds in my stock broker account is for long term. But, other business opportunities knocked me. I withdraw some funds and invest the money in a offline business. My plan is to add more funds in my stock brokerage account until I acquire my target earning asset worth 10,000,000.


What is the Best Time to Sell Stock During the Day?

This question was asked many times this year. Some readers are asking me when to buy stocks or the good stocks to buy and other readers asked me the best time to sell their stock shares.

Our Response: It will depend upon the investor’s decision when to sell his stock shares. Definitely, stock investors will sell their shares when they are making a profits. They aren’t investing just to lose money in the market.

Can I sell my stocks even if its losing 5%? Yes, anytime you can sell your shares as you want like. If you think the stock price will continue falling, you may want to stop your losses.

Choose Stock Investing Strategy that Works

Other investors sell their stocks when they knew there will be a stock market crash. Those investors study and analyze the market trends. Anyway, make sure your investing strategy is helping you toward achieving your financial goal.

Be smart and wise in making investment decision especially when buying and selling stocks. What do you think about this topic?Please share your opinion and share your knowledge about the best time to sell stock during the day (trading hours). I know there are expert trader out there who are willing to share their skills. Thank you for reading!

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