Best Personal Finance Books I Found Cheap

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on December 15, 2014

Looking for the best personal finance books and investing references? BookSale: Window Shopping for Personal Finance Books! Expensive Book Bought Cheaply! Yesterday after I put some funds in my COLFinancial account via BDO over the counter, I make a window shopping. Items such as iphone, i7 laptops, a formal business attires, leather shoes, etc. One thing I didn’t forget, to buy a finance books. Maybe you are curious why I am collecting business and finance books? I will tell you later. I bought this used book not online but in the local bookstore.

I have found a book entitled “Build Your Own Mutual Fund: How to Use a Personal Portfolio to Take Control of Your Financial Life” by Brian O’ Connell. According to the book, Brian O’Connell appeared as an expert commentator on business and finance issues on CNN and FOX News. He has had bylines in “The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and USA Today. He is also the author of 401(k) millionaire.


Best Personal Finance Books I Found Cheap

Aside from the book of Brian O’Connell, here’s what I’ve got. A book entitled “The Wall Street Journal Lifetime Guide to Money: Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Finances – For Every Stage of Life” by The Wall Street Journal’s Personal Finance Staff. Edited by C. Frederick Wiegold.

Lifetime Guide to Money from Wall Street Journal

The book cost around $5.50 (Lifetime Guide to Money) and $3.5 (Build Your Own Mutual Fund). I never think twice. I am very glad I have found these books on Book Sale. What a huge discount right? From the original price of $12.95 – $3.5, ($9.95 discount for O’Connell Book), and Wall Street Journal Lifetime Guide to Money will cost approximately $50 (no price mentioned) I got only $5.50, a discount of $44.50 in these 600+ pages with hardcover.

The law of attraction and reciprocal karma applies in all areas of my life. Maybe I found expensive books cheaply because I share personal finance for free at, and I always wishing whenever I saw a man in the street begging for something. I just wish “I hope that man will get rich fast”. Now, the wishes I made for others persons are happening to my life every single day. That’s why I considered these wonderful things as “reciprocal karma” and God’s blessings.

Why I Am Collecting Best Personal Finance Books?

I am collecting books not for myself, but for my kids and for my grand children. Noone will care really care to teach my children financial literacy. At least when they are getting older, they will find time to stay in my house, have a cup of coffee and get books on shelves and gotcha, everything are about personal finance.

“Precious Gifts”, that’s why I called it. Buying books is also one type of investment. In reading books, you are educating yourself. The advantage of having a book is that whenever you forgot important financial matters, it will remind you to invest, to grow your money and to achieve financial freedom.

What would be your reactions if you are struggling in money and you saw a book in your shelves entitled “You Can Be Rich”.? That would be amazing, right? Remember, what you think is what you get, what you see is what you get, therefore, what you read is what you get. Choose what books to read wisely.

Tips: Go to BookSale, you know about it. Or any bookstore, and shop or search books related to money. If you are an accounting students, there are many advanced accounting books for sale published by international best-selling authors.

What about you? Which do you think is the best personal finance books ever? I know you already read the “Automatic Millionaire”. Mention the book title and author in the comment box below. Also, share your opinion why you consider it as the best.

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