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Are you searching for the best life insurance companies in USA United States of America? Here we will discuss one by one the companies offering or selling life insurance. I have an American friends who is asking for a help on how to know the number one life insurance company in their country.

Samuel is an immigrant in USA but he understand the importance of being insured. The nature of his work is risky. He is a skilled worker in a “furniture” enterprise in New York . He once told me to that his job is very hazardous to health because everyday he inhaled chemical such as paint or polishing chemicals.


Answer: The best decision you will make to your entire life is to get insurance. If your family is depending on you, you will really need it. The importance of life insurance will only determine when you really need it at most especially during unexpected events such as accident and even sudden death.

2013 Best Life Insurance Companies in USA

In 2013, the Insurance Information Institute publish the overall ratings of the insurance companies, and here is the results;

The Northwestern Mutual, New York Life Insurance Group, Massachussetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. and State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance are one the best life insurance companies for 2013 a A++ rating. MetLife, Aflac, Lincoln National Corp. Manulife Financial Corp, AEGON NV and Prudential Financial Inc. got a rate A+

best life insurance companies in usa


As I am searching for the best life insurance companies in USA, here I found a great reliable source – Insure.Com – one of the most expensive domain name. Insure.Com has a data for customer satisfaction ratings in their website.

Best Life Insurance (Customer Satisfaction Rating) 2014

Jackson National has a 87.2 % for overall ratings, Prudential got 86%, New York Life and State farm got 85.9% for over all ratings, Northwestern Mutual gas a 85.6%, John Hancock 85.4%, MetLife 84.9%, American General 84.8%, Aflac and Lincoln National has a 84.6% rating, ING 84.5%, Transmerica 82.3%, Massachusetts Mutual 82.2%, Axa Equitable got 81.3% over all rating.

Source: The said rating is under A.M. Best Disclaimer and Ratings Explanation at

Tip: Any insurance companies that has a A.M. Best rating of A or higher than A will be fine. Just go to the official website of A.M. Best and see the ratings of your chosen life insurance company.

Disclaimer: Any content found in Insurance-Premium.Net are for informational purpose only and not meant to be a reliable source when choosing the right or the best life insurance companies. The business name, company name, slogan, logos or business trademarks are own by their respective companies.

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