10 Best Life Insurance Companies in UK 2015

Posted by Grace under Insurance on January 22, 2015

United Kingdom is one of the best countries in the world. One of my readers wants to know the best life insurance companies in UK or the top insurance provider in UK. Awhile ago I posted some tips about getting a life insurance and health insurance and I wrote some topics related to insurance entitled how much does a life insurance cost. Just visit those insurance related pages and learn more.

“I am looking for the best insurance companies in UK, I want to buy a term life insurance before investing my hard-earned money..looking forward to hear from you soon.”


The one who sent this inquiry is smart. You know why I can consider him as a smart person? First, he wants to make sure he is insured before he will invest his money. That’s pretty good and recommended.

Second, even Bill Gates have life insurance and medical insurance. He is smart because he don’t want to waste his time searching for the best life insurance companies in UK, he just wait for my reply or to this post. I may say, he is using my talent in internet searching. Or he knows “leveraging”, using other people’s time. But, the negative part is; he is lazy in searching for additional knowledge.

I just simply replied using the same content in this page. I search online and analyzing which insurance companies in UK should I include in this post. Ok, here’s what I’ve got.

Best Life Insurance Companies in UK

I suggest search the following life insurance UK based companies, you have to search their market capitalization.

Aviva PLC
Legal & General
Old Mutual PLC
Prudential PLC
Standard Life PLC
Friends Life Group Ltd.
St. James’s Place PLC
Hansard Global
Chesnara PLC
Phoenix Group

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