How to Become Happy in Life (5 Steps)

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Everyone wants to become always happy in life whether be it in family, career or at work. Wherever we are, we have the right to choose what we want. We have the right to choose to become happy or sad. That means, the happiness in life is always depending on us.

According to Mahatma Gandhi; “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” I agree with this statement. Happiness start with our mind and it reflects in our body.


This article entitled “How to become happy in life” was the first published article under Life Hacks of Today, let me just share to you how to really, really, really become happy in life whatever your status is.

How to Become Happy in Life

Here is the basic guide on how to become happy in life. You might heard this before, but I do believe this page will serve as a reminder for all of us especially for those who didn’t yet received happiness.

If you are feeling unhappy now, read this and think carefully what I am really talking about – HAPPINESS. Dalai Lama said that “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. ” Take note of that, happiness comes from your own ACTIONS.

 How to Become Happy in Life (Portrait of Happiness)

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Step 1. Know what you want.

It is easy to become happy in life if you know what you really want. I really mean “really”. What do you really want in life? Is it more money? Healthy relationship, a luxury cars, a mansion, a oriental cruisin’ vacation, a financially rewarding job, a good president, a good husband, a perfect partner, what?

I don’t know who you are and many people don’t know who you are. They don’t even care what you want. It is YOU who definitely know what you really want.

Step 2. Align yourself with what you want.

The second step on how to become happy in this life is simple. Just align yourself with what you only want. I don’t mean “denying” here. Be cautious.

Aligning yourself with what you want simply means you should only do, say, hear, listen, write, talk of the things that you really want. There is no sense in talking poverty if you want prosperity. What’s the sense of dreaming a good or perfect partner if you always watch TV shows or movies showing you miserable marriage.

The tip is simple. Do not be “confused”. Do not contradicting. Your wants must aligned to what you do, hear and say.

Step 3. Do what you want.

Many people became happy in life it is not because they automatically trained their mind to become happy. There are many happy people who experienced disastrous moments, disappointments and frustrations. But how did they remain or become happy? It is because they choose to and they do the things that makes them happy.

Noone can ever stop you from being a happy person. Beginning today, do what you love and do only what makes you happy. I know you are familiar with the quote “You only live once”. Why not live happily.(hopefully, ever after).

Step 4. Get what you want.

You have the right to ask the Supreme Power to give you what you want. You have the right to become happy in life. I know many people who are happy because they got what they really want in life. Don’t be in doubt. Believe me, you can get what you want as long as you really know what you really want in this life.

People became happy when they get rich, when they passed the board exams, when they increased their income, when they met their lifetime partner, whet they bought their dream car or house and when they have been to the place they’ve never been to.

The rule is simple, if you want to become happy “Get What You Want”. Whatever possessions you are dreaming about. Get it. Small and big achievements can create happiness. Achieve small, achieve big, get what you want and surely you’ll become happy in this life.

Step 5. Share your happiness.

The last step on how to become happy in life is “share your happiness”. Why should you share your happiness? Again, it is just a common sense. We are living in one place. You can’t be happy alone.

Sharing your happiness simply means sharing your achievements, your possessions, your money, your love and everything you’ve got. What’s the purpose of getting what you want if you don’t have someone to them share with. Might it be your friends, loved ones, street children, poor people, needy, etc.

If you want to become happy in life, just be yourself. Don’t even care what other people say or do. Mind your own business. If you are happy and other people will noticed you, they will become happy, too. Likewise, if people saw you sad, that sadness will attract another sadness.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not lean in your own understanding. Sometimes, you need to be biblical and seek what God wants you to do. Anyway, happiness in life is surely comes up with a great purpose. The great purpose you have, the more chances you’ll become really happy when you are living with that purpose.
  • Always be grateful on what you have. Practice gratitude everyday. Happy people are thankful people. Say “Thank you” with a smile to every people who helped you along the way (friends, parents, teachers or even a stranger).
  • It is possible to achieve happiness immediately if you immediately get what you want and share your blessings to those people who don’t yet have the things they want. Most especially; LOVE.
  • Do not forget to always think POSITIVE if you want a happier life. Also, if you are unhappy and want to change that feeling, train your mind to think only Happiness. It all comes to this, what you think you may become. If you think sadness you will become sad, if you think prosperity, you will prosper, if you think happiness, you will become happy. As simple as that.

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