BDO UITF Equity Lump Sum 2009-2014

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Some point of views about BDO UITF equity lump sum investing will be written here. Unit Investment Trust Funds or UITF investing seems interesting nowadays. There are UITF fund types that are not requiring high risk, investing in UITF equity is somehow interesting when we see the results, the past performance (5-year return).  The fund objectives of BDO UITF Equity fund formerly the (EPCIB Equity Fund) according to BDO Trust and Investment Group;

The Fund (BDO Equity Fund) aims primarily for capital growth over the medium to long-term by investing in a selection of exchange-listed equities.


 These type of UITF is good for investors who has an aggressive risk appetite that seeking higher returns through stock market investments, the investors in this fund type should be aware not only for higher returns but are also aware of possible capital losses. Some facts about BDO Equity fund are as follows;

Minimum investment is P10,000 but can be applied in BDO EIP for as low as P1,000 per month. Additional investment is P10,000 also. The holding period is 30 calendar days, and there is an early redemption fee is 1.00% of original participation amount. NAVpu computation is at every trading day at 7:00 pm. You can invest in any BDO branch for the BDO UITF before 12:00 nn of any banking day. That means, when investing in BDO UITF, you should come in any BDO branch before 12:00 nn. You can invest lump sum for only P10,000 or apply in their EIP UITF for as low as P1,000 per month.

Sample Computation (Lump Sum Investing)
If only I invest P200,000 on BDO UITF Equity last August 1, 2009 and redeem today August 1, 2014 I should have gain 174% within 5 years. But I didn’t know on that time about investment, all I know is to save. Thank God I learned from the experts, books and from my friends how to invest money (not just save).

BDO UITF Equity Lump Sum 2009-2014

Here’s a sample computation assuming I invests P200,000 in BDO UITF Equity last August 1, 2009.

Specified Acceptance Date: 2009-08-01
NAVPU on Acceptance Date: 153.5570
Specified Redemption Date: 2014-08-01
NAVPU on Redemption Date: 421.0574
Amount Invested: 200,000.00
Specified UITF Type: BDO Equity Fund (BDO-EQUITY)
No. of calendar days between Acceptance Date and Redemption Date: 1827
Absolute yield: 174.2027%
Units of Participation: 1,302.4480
Proceeds: 548,405.35
Income / Loss: 348,405.35

Note: Results may differ relative to that of your actual investment and its returns. This calculator gives only indicative returns. To get the actual yields of your investment, please visit of call your BDO branch.


Performance of BDO UITF Equity Fund as of August 2014.

Year to Date 20.54%
1-Month 3.38%
3-Month 4.98%
1-Year 15.76%
3-Year 19.29%
5-Year 22.24%
Source: Bloomberg (EPCIBEQ:PM)

What I am doing now is I invest in BDO UITF Equity with their EIP (BDO Easy Investment Plan), I decided to make an automatic deduction in my BDO Savings account amounting to P2,500 per month, my plan is to keep on investing within 15 years. How far can your P2,500 per month take you if you invest in BDO UITF Equity? Read the article here. Well, results will always depends in the market. But for sure, if you invest long term, time will come, you know you weren’t wrong with your decision.

Convenient BDO UITF Equity Investing

Investing in UITF for some people is so difficult, but for the real opportunist investors, it isn’t. I am not promoting BDO UITF, but based on my experienced, investing in BDO UITF is so easy. I tried twice, first I invest in their UITF EIP, but when I am buying a lot (real estate), I redeem the investment. I think I gain for almost 15% in 6 months. And then I invest another UITF, this time I will never touch this because I will use the funds as passive income when it reach millions. P2,500 per month (regular investing in 15 years). God bless my plan. Try it, nothing will defeat experience.

Experience plus knowledge plus your GUTS equals success. GUTS: Game Under The Sky! How do you play the game of money? Are you afraid of losing, what stop you from investing? Your relatives, your conclusions, your analysis? What? I think there is only one answer: the only thing that stopping you from investing is your mind. Try to change your mindset, do you have a millionaire’s mindset?

What do you think about investing lump sum via BDO UITF Equity lump sum? Should you invest in BDO UITF Equity using cost averaging method? I will really appreciate your comments and opinions. Thank you.

Money Quote and Saying for the Day:

Complaining is the absolute worst possible thing you could do for your health or your wealth. The worst!-T. Harv Eker

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