BDO Pre-Owned Cars for Sale P500,000 and Below (with Pictures)

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Looking for BDO pre-owned cars for sale? BDO used cars for sale for as low as 500,000 pesos and below. If your budget in buying a car is only P500,000 or below, then consider choosing one of these used cars for sale in BDO Banco de Oro. These cars are pre-owned, reacquired by BDO because the owners can not afford to pay the monthly amortization anymore.

Pre-owned cars from the bank are better that buying second hands cars from individual unless you know personally the previous of the car to whom you are buying. Then you can assure that the car engine or the overall condition of the car are in excellent condition. But we must also consider the price, I compare the prices of these used cars with the same model on the internet and we find out that the price of Bank’s pre-owned cars are cheaper than those posted online.


So, here are the list of BDO used cars under P500,000 pesos, choose one and ask BDO bank on how to acquire them or just follow the instructions afterwards;

BDO Pre-Owned Cars for Sale P500,000 and Below (with Pictures)

Image Credit: BDO Philippines

Disclaimer: Images are credit to BDO and this page is for informational purposes only. ( Admin)
Submit in a sealed envelope the Offer to Buy with the cheque reservation (Php10,000) to Chattel Sales on or before Tuesday.


  • Buy Me Now/ Spot Price: Monday, 3:00 PM
  • Regular Bids: Tuesday, 5:00 PM
  • Opening of Bids: Wednesday, 10:00 AM

Contact the BDO bank branch according to where the cars are located (example, Quezon City, Taguig). See our previous post about BDO Used Cars for Sale Toyota Vios Model Price 281,000 to P474,000 here.

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  1. pong verdadero says:

    Please send me all list of available units and prices. Thank you

  2. Alien veran says:

    Please send me all the list of Pre owned cars in luzon area only

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