BDO Online Banking Experiences

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I just want to share my personal BDO online banking experiences. Some people are afraid to link their BDO savings account with BDO online banking, why? Maybe because they are not familiar on how to transact online, or they don’t know that they can view their BDO Bank account on the internet.

Thanks to the fast pacing technology, viewing your BDO account is very convenient online, when I enroll my savings account online, I never find it so difficult, actually it is very easy to  link your account in their website as long as you know how to follow the instruction.


If you are new to online banking, please do a a research on how to transact safety online. I have different online transaction experience, most of these are via payment processors like PayPal and Payza. Don’t ask me how to link BDO Savings account via PayPal, because I don’t know about it.

Benefits of BDO Online Banking
*Pay Bills (credit cards, electric, water, and telephone bills, loan amortizations, etc.)
* Transfer Money to another BDO Account
* Remit Money to a non-BDO accountholder
* Buy Prepaid Mobile Load
* Reload BDO Cash Card
* Send Money Offshore via Wire Transfer
* View 90-Day Transaction History

BDO Online Banking Experiences

Due to past face technology, most banks nowadays upgrade their banking services. It is so easy to apply your BDO Savings account as long as you complete the necessary details of your account when enrolling your account online.You can also ask some help in any of the BDO branch when enrolling your savings account. When login into your BDO online banking account, you will receive a OPT via text message, but what is OPT?

It is unique 6 character code sent to you by the BDO via text message, it will only sent once, that’s why when login, make sure you have your mobile beside you. OPT means one time password. It will give protection to the user. It is a free text message, unless your number is international roaming has a particular charge.

Once you are successfully login in BDO Online Banking account, you can perform all transactions that you want to make. The purpose of the OTP is to maintain the security of your transactions online.

The following is the step by step guide on how to login in your BDO online banking account. If you found this article not useful, or with mistakes, please write your comments below on what you experience while login or enrolling your account at BDO online banking.

How to Login in BDO Online Banking

Here’s how to login in BDO online banking; enter your user ID and password.

You will received a OTP or one time password via mobile phone (text message).

Enter your OTP and proceed.

 Challenge Question 

In this manner, noone can easily login to your BDO online banking unless someone is using your mobile phone. Iny my point of view, it is a very secured online banking. I will going to link my BDO UITF in my BDO online banking account. Two thumbs up for BDO services. Thank you. 

Learn to Save and Invest

Do you know that you can invest your hard earned money via BDO UITF, UITF means Unit Investment Trust Funds, saving is just a part of becoming wealthy, but the important part is “investing”. Let your money grow via BDO UITF, try to invest at BDO Easy Investment Plan, for as low as P1,000 you can participate in UITF investing. Read the corresponding guide about investing in UITF.

How to Invest in Unit Investment Trust Funds?
How to Invest in BDO EIP: Easy Investment Plan?

Thank you for following our articles at, please share financial literacy by being the one who is really financially literate today. Do you want to share your BDO online banking experiences? Share them in the comment box below.

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