Banking with Your Smartphone

Posted by Grace under Banking on July 28, 2015

Well, I am using my smartphone (no need to mention the brand name here). As far as convenience concern, banking with your smartphone is the solution. Maybe you are using your favorite banking apps. But, do you know that there must some things to consider before you use online or mobile banking? Follow me on this short article and some tips to be given away afterwards. If you don’t know me, let me tell you some important information about myself. I am an investor and a savvy saver I prefer to look my funds using the internet. Sometimes I use my laptop and sometimes I use my smartphone.

Whenever I open a bank account for me or for my kids, I will make sure that the banks has its online banking facility. To access my account online can be more convenient than always visiting the bank.


I am glad all my banks has its smartphone banking apps. What I did is I go to the official website of my prefer bank, download the apps and install it in my smartphone.

By using the apps, I can easily view my earlier transactions, account balances and even my trust account investment. A trust account investment is form of investment similar to mutual funds. Unit investment trust funds are offered by many banks today. Whenever I buy share for me and for  my kids, I just open the banking apps, log in to my account and view the trust account page.

banking with your smartphone

Image Credit: JapanEpxertERNA on CC 2.0 – Close up of smartphone in hand

Online banking with your smartphone is very exciting and interesting. Even a kid can do it. However, you must carefully use your smartphones when banking.

The following are some of the good tips when banking using your mobile phone.

  • Do download the banking apps only in the official website.
  • Do install a anti-virus.
  • Do ask when you don’t understand the banking facility.
  • Do not give your username and password to anyone.
  • Do clear your cookies and browser regularly.
  • Do not attempt to use public internet connection such as Wi-Fi
  • Do not reply to any malicious email messages (a.k.a. email phishing).
  • Do not reply to any text messages to any unofficial or unauthorized banks.

What can you say about this guide? Which one do you still prefer? Online banking or going personally to the bank branch? Why not use the comment box and share your experiences  in using your smartphone when banking. Thank you!

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