Bank Owned Homes for Sale or Foreclosed Properties are Easy to Find

By Grace

Bank owned homes for sale can easily find online and offline. Here are the best ways to find foreclosed properties like houses, lots (commercial, residential, agricultural), condominiums, buildings, etc. If you’re thinking about buying foreclosed properties, all you need to do is to search first the perfect properties that are worth buying. Good properties are also considered as “good investments”. In real estate investing, foreclosed properties are wise investments.

There are many properties especially homes owned by bank that we can see online and offline. While I am also searching for a house and lot, I just open my personal computer or any of my smartphones and search the internet. Bank owned homes for sale can be found in different ways;

Ways to Find Bank Owned Homes for Sale

Step 1. Search the official website of your preferred bank. In the Philippines, almost every banks has official website. Here are the official website of the largest banks in the Philippines;

  • BDO –
  • Metrobank –,ph
  • BPI –
  • Security Bank –
  • Landbank of the Philippines –

Step 2. Look for “Properties for Sale”. Search for the links of the banks assets or properties for sale. Navigate the assets sections or properties.

search bank owned homes for sale in land bank foreclosed properties

Step 3. Search bank owned homes for sale. When you are already in the “properties for sale” section, just type the “house and lots”. You can also modify your search by using advanced search. Use your location, the amount or price and some banks allows the user to search floor area and lot area.

search bank owned homes for sale in land bank foreclosed properties

Step 4. Save your searches.

Step 5. Contact the bank to where you find the best investment opportunity. There are cheap bank owned homes for sale that you can start with. Learn real estate investing by buying foreclosed properties. Foreclosed properties are cheap compare to properties for sale by owners.

Tips and Warnings

  • Bank owned homes for sale can easily find online. Other options are through bank official magazines or find foreclosed properties for sale in newspapers.
  • You can also search foreclosed properties for sale by going to the bank (walk-in) and ask the bank manager about the list of foreclosed properties. Get a copy and analyze each property if they’re worth investment.
  • Before you dive in real estate investing, buying a bank owned homes for sale is a good start. Learn real estate investing by reading blogs, articles, books and attending seminars.

Stay tuned to Daily Investing Tips for more tips in real estate investing and some list of foreclosed properties. If you’re looking for bank owned homes for sale, just use the search box of this blog and find foreclosed properties.


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